Cinzia Baylis Zullo Boyfriend, Biography, Wikipedia Details Revealed

Lewis Jones, the boyfriend of Cinzia Baylis Zullo, is a popular Instagram user.

Lewis Jones and Cinzia Baylis Zullo have been a couple since 2018. A fashion influencer, Cinzia has worked with the likes of Sophia Tuxford.

Sophia and Cinzia are a lifestyle and fashion duo collaborating on their respective YouTube channels. They’re also maintaining The Lifestyle Blog.

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Meet Cinzia Baylis Zullo’s Boyfriend Lewis Jones

At Nottingham’s Breathe nightclub, Cinzia Baylis Zullo and her now-boyfriend Lewis Jones first crossed paths. Simply put, Cinzia and Lewis Jones have been an item since 2018.

It is possible to find her discussing Lewis on many social media sites. His bio on Instagram states that Elysian Experience and Breath employ him.

Enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and exciting dance music at The Elysian Experience. Similarly, Breath is a VIP social club where important life moments are commemorated and celebrated.

Lewis has a strong passion for travel. His Instagram is stuffed with stunning travel photos.

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She sees Lewis rather frequently. They’ve been seen out and about together in many different locations. She said on Instagram that she gives her boyfriend, Lewis, a special look in public.

She makes observations about her boyfriend on Instagram. Despite being together for four years, the pair has never posted a photo of themselves on Instagram.

Lewis has 11.5 thousand followers on Instagram with the handle @lewisjonesxoxo. Daily life and travels are discussed.

Know More About Cinzia Baylis Zullo

Influential in the fashion and leisure industries, Cinzia Baylis Zullo is one half of the YouTube duo Sophia and Cinzia.

Initiated on December 23, 2014, the channel has almost a year of content. Cinzia and Sophia often upload videos about their shopping trips, daily lives, and special holidays.

This channel regularly posts new content that has collectively been seen at 107,739,229. We went Christmas Shopping.

A little vlog posted on the track on December 17, 2022, is the most recent addition to the archive. Videos on YouTube may quickly amass hundreds of thousands or even millions of views.

Their 2018 upload, “Miami Vlog part 1,” has been viewed over 1.5 million times. The channel’s most watched videos include:

  1. We haven’t left the house yet! Vlog: 1,100,000+ Pageviews
  2. Party Cruise Vlog! | Barc, Cannes, Ibiza, & Majorca!, 1,000,000 Views
  3. Mami Vlog! | 1 Million Views!
  4. There were 924 thousand views of “Home Bound.. again.”
  5. House of CB Haul | Is it worth our €€€?!?:803k views
    Sophia and Cinzia have a podcast called The Girls Bathroom in addition to their popular YouTube channel. The podcast also has an accompanying Instagram page.

Their podcast releases a new edition every Wednesday. As part of the program, they address listener questions and comments.

You may find their podcast on many streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Acast. Instagram user @cinziabayliszullo (Cinzia) has 508 k (very many) followers.

Whenever Sophia and The Girls’ Bathroom play, you can catch a glimpse of Cinzia onstage with her. In June, they revealed that in 2023, they would be touring the United Kingdom.

They’ve posted their concert schedule on Instagram for everybody to see. Similarly, you may buy tickets right now. There will be six separate UK performances.

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