The Canadian actress, Cindy Busby, is not expecting her first child, but she has other noteworthy news.

On September 3, the actress’s new film Marry Me in Yosemite was released, and both reviewers and viewers have given it high marks.

The connection between the 39-year-old actress and Tyler Harlow, who is making his film debut, is incredible.

The actress has been married to Christopher Boyd for two years, and they frequently post about their love for one another on social media.

Before deciding to get married in December 2020, the couple remained silent on pregnancy rumors and appeared to have dismissed them.

Cindy is one of the most recognizable faces in the Canadian film business and is best known for her roles in Hallmark movies. Cindy has 74 acting credits to her name.

Cindy Busby Pregnant, Husband, Role As Ashley Stanton On Heartland Remains Iconic
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Please continue reading this article to learn about the actress’s pregnancy.

Cindy Busby Pregnant Details

If Cindy Busby, a Canadian actress, isn’t genuinely trying to take on Sherlock Holmes, she wouldn’t be expecting a child.

The actress hasn’t been announced on social media, and the speculations began to spread after an article in an unreliable Canadian tabloid.

The tabloids allegedly saw the actress with a noticeable tummy bulge on Thursday, but subsequent reports claim this was untrue.

In December 2020, the Canadian actress wed her longtime partner, Christopher Boyd. On December 23, 2020, the couple shared the news with thousands of Instagram followers.

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During a girls’ night out in 2017, Chris approached the actress and asked for her number, which is how she met her spouse.

The two have maintained a healthy connection ever since. Despite not being pregnant right now, Cindy might one day be spotted on the red carpet with a baby.

On September 3, the actress, well-known for her work in Hallmark motion pictures, had to Marry Me in Yosemite released. The actress plays the title character in the film, Zoe Best, and has won acclaim for her work.

It can take some time before the actress gives birth to another human being because she is so focused on her job.

Who Is Cindy Busby’s Husband?

Cindy Busby’s husband, Christopher Boyd, is an actor and producer best known for his work on the Netflix television series The Baxters.

According to his IMDb page, Chris has 18 credits as a producer and 11 as an actor. In the past, Christopher has acknowledged that his first goal in moving to Los Angeles was to pursue a career as an actor.

But after some trial and error, Boyd discovered that producing was his true calling. So even though the couple’s marriage began in December 2020, their love story began three and a half years before.

The couple began dating early in 2017 after the producer contacted the actress and requested her number.

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The actress admitted during an interview with Rave It Up TV that she never imagined her love life when she was younger.

She added that having a boyfriend in Chris seemed unreal because she had never planned her wedding or dreamed of finding her prince charming.

Having been happily married for six years, the pair is likely fairly familiar with one another and probably has plans to start a family.

The couple may not be parents together, but they have a chihuahua named Suzie that they adore just as much as a child would.

Cindy Busby’s Role As Ashley Stanton On Heartland Remains Iconic

Cindy Busby began controlling many people’s hearts after appearing in Heartland’s television series. The actress portrayed Ashley Stanton in the 2007–present television series, which continues to fascinate viewers.

Ashley was a key character who continued to appear in the program until 2011. Initially presented as a cruel girl, the character underwent a complete 180-degree turn at the end of her stint.

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Cindy expressed her gratitude for Ashley’s character evolution and added that Ashley still holds the title of her all-time favourite role.

Despite having little influence over the screenplay, the actress applauded the show’s writers for their efforts.

After season seven, the actress left the show on good terms with the producers because she believed her character had fully evolved from a high school student to a future attorney.

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