Chris Pine, an actor, is the son of Robert Pine and Gloria Gwynne Gilford. His parents were well-known actors in their era, celebrated for their outstanding performances.

The Pine has been the topic of conversation ever since a recent video of him performing with pop sensation Harry Styles at the Don’t Worry, Darling premiere went viral on social media.

After video footage of Styles spitting onto Pine’s lap during the world premiere was made public, rumors began to circulate in some online communities on Tuesday and into the following morning.

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To learn about his Parents, Siblings, Religion, And Family Tree Details, continue reading the article.

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Chris Pine Parents: Meet His Father And Mother

Chris Pine’s father, actor Robert Pine, is well known for his role as Sgt. Joseph Getraer in the ChiPs television series. More than 400 television episodes include Pine.

A patent lawyer named Granville Martin Pine gave birth to his son in New York City on July 10, 1941. In 1963, he received his degree from Ohio Wesleyan University.

He is married to Gwynne Gilford, who in multiple CHiPs episodes played Pine’s character Betty Getraer’s spouse. Chris and Katie are actresses who are Robert’s kids.

As a result of Pine’s repeated appearances in westerns as a character under contract with Universal Studios, he quickly took up riding after moving to Hollywood in 1964.

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Chris Pine’s mother, Gloria Gwynne Gilford, is a retired American actress who now works as a psychotherapist. In the 1970s and 1980s, she made multiple television appearances, including in A New Kind of Family, The Young Lawyers, and The Waverly Wonders.

Gilford is the daughter of entertainment law specialist Max M. Gilford and actress Anne Gwynne. Gilford claimed that when she was a young child, her mother forbade her from acting in motion pictures.

Chris Pine and Katherine Pine are the couple’s two children, and she is married to actor Robert Pine. She and Katherine underwent training to become licensed psychotherapists when they both quit acting.

Who Are The Siblings Of Chris Pine?

Chris Pine was raised by his older sister Katherine Pine and had no other siblings. Katherine is from a family of actors and has dabbled in performing.

She began her career in 1997 as the voice actress for the computer game Heavy Gear before making her TV debut in 1998 as Rhonda in Love Boat: The Next Wave.

On September 24, 1972, Katherine Pine was born in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Gwyne Gilford, and father, Robert Pine are both actors.

In 2005, she earned a psychology degree. Katherine, a licensed psychotherapist, is 48 years old. Pine retired from the stage to pursue a career as a successful marital and family therapist.

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She has been employed in the field for more than ten years and presently resides in California. Despite hailing from an acting family, Katherine has avoided the limelight.

Despite not having as much success as her younger brother as an actor, Pine has been doing a remarkable job in the field of psychology.

In her capacity as a therapist, Katherine has focused on psychotherapy, which encompasses the treatment of anxiety and depression.

She also works as a relationship consultant, helping singles, couples, and families with dating and relationship challenges. People older than eleven make up her clientele.

Chris Pine Religion

Chris Pine has made it quite apparent that he is not a religious person. He declared himself to be an atheist, holding that the existence of God or anything else divine or supernatural is unknown or unknowable.

While filming Z for Zachariah in New Zealand on March 1, 2014, Pine was taken into custody by authorities in the Methven area. He had failed a common roadside breathalyzer test for alcohol use.

On March 17, he admitted to driving while intoxicated and stated that he had four vodkas at a neighboring tavern.

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Pine’s punishment was a 93 NZD fine and a six-month driving suspension in New Zealand.

In terms of politics, Pine has referred to himself as a “left-leaning liberal.” He asserted that Democrats and Republicans frequently behaved similarly and used President Obama’s strengthening of the Patriot Act as support.

The actor supported a movement called Trek Against Trump during the 2016 election together with other Star Trek cast members J. J. Abrams, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and others.

Family Tree Of Chris Pine

The family tree reveals that most of Chris Pine’s forebears are well-known in their respective fields of competence. Like his parents, he made the decision to pursue acting as a career.

Chris Pine’s mother, Gwynne Gilford, is a former actress who later went on to become a psychotherapist. His father, actor Robert Pine, co-starred as Sergeant Joseph Getraer on CHiPs.

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Katherine, his older sister, is also a performer. His maternal grandmother Anne Gwynne worked as an actress in Hollywood. His maternal grandfather was a Russian Jew who was elected president of the Hollywood Bar Association and was a practicing attorney.

Greg Max Gilford, his uncle, was a musician for Dunhill Records and then worked as a computer consultant before joining United Healthcare as an expert in recovery mentoring and support.

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