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Ex-chief deputy whip Chris Pincher allegedly had his hands “everywhere” in a gay bar in London’s Soho in 2018, according to fresh allegations made to ITV News.

The Chris Pincher affair is a political controversy in the United Kingdom involving allegations of sexual misconduct against Chris Pincher, a former deputy chief whip for the Conservative Party.

The Chris Pincher affair caused a significant problem for Johnson’s government, leading to the resignations of a number of ministers and other government officials from July 5 to 7, 2022, and finally the prime minister on July 7.

Is Chris Pincher Really A Gay?

Chris Pincher has avoided discussing his sexual orientation. But there are a lot of issues with his sexuality raised by his comments on the LGBTQ community.

According to one narrative, Chris allegedly attacked individuals “because he is homosexual,” not because he is a predator, and it is “just what gay men do.” But according to reports, Tory whip Sarah Dines reportedly asked the alleged attack victims if they were LGBT since “it doesn’t make it clear.”

Chris Pincher

Victims of sexual assault could have a hard time remembering, recalling, or understanding the event. But from the outside and frequently from the victim’s perspective, an attack is simply violence.

Regardless of how much it is ignored, purposely coupled with drinking-related concerns, or placed on the victim due to outdated presumptions about homosexual people, it is undeniably about boundary violations and sexual assault.

For example, Chris Pincher’s assertion that he “embarrassed” himself and others or Boris Johnson’s framing of the events as exclusively the product of an alcohol issue are examples of attitudes and responses to the charges that have been purposely indirect.

Alex Story Assault Allegations On Chris Pincher

Chris Pincher resigned from his post as Comptroller of the Household (Assistant Whip) on November 5, 2017, and he voluntarily reported himself to the Conservative Party’s complaints system and the police as a result of the 2017 Westminster sexual misconduct allegations.

Alex Story, a Conservative contender and former Olympic rower, accused him of sexual abuse.

Chris Pincher

After bringing Story to his apartment, where the MP massaged Story’s neck and talked to him about his “future in the Conservative Party” before slipping into a bathrobe, Story claimed in 2017 that Pincher had made unwanted sexual advances toward him in 2001.

The story recalled the event and asserted that Pincher had appeared to be a “pound shop Harvey Weinstein” because of his tactics.

Pincher was also accused of “touching up” remarks made by former Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop, who told him to “f*ck off.” On December 23, 2017, the Conservative Party’s investigation panel came to the conclusion that Pincher had not broken the code of conduct.

Was Chris Pincher Arrested?

Chris Pincher wasn’t put in jail. On July 3, 2022, however, six new allegations concerning Pincher’s conduct from ten years prior arose.

In three separate complaints, Pincher is accused of making unwanted advances toward other male MPs; two of the alleged incidents allegedly took place in the legislator’s office, and one allegedly took place in a bar inside the House of Commons.

One complaint reportedly informed Downing Street in February and expressed concerns about Pincher being the whip in charge of overseeing the wellbeing of other MPs. Pincher claimed that he had no intention of resigning as an MP.

On July 7, Johnson resigned as the head of the Conservative Party, but he said he would stay on as prime minister until the results of a leadership contest in the fall of 2022.

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