Chris Perez’s Family Life, Wife, Children, And Parents

Cassie and Noah Perez are the children of Chris Perez. Chris still recalls Selena as his first love and the lovely times they shared.

American musician Christopher Gilbert Perez, also known as Chris Perez, is most known for serving as the band Selena y Los Danos’ main guitarist.

He joined the group in the middle of the 1980s after becoming one of the nation’s leading Tejano guitarists. Around the time he joined Selena y Los Danos and became the lead guitarist, his guitar skills had won him a solid reputation.

With the Tejano band, Perez and the group released several songs and increased their stature in the music business. But the public is well-known for more than only his musical contributions to the band.

People still talk about his relationship with the band leader and Tejano singer Selena because they remember how happy and in love they were. Before the woman tragically lost her life, the couple was married and spent a few years together.

Chris Perez's Family Life, Wife, Children, And Parents
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Chris Perez’s Family Details

Chris Perez enjoys spending time with his children and other members of his family.

He is the father of a daughter named Cassie and a son named Noah. Before divorcing in 2008, the man welcomed his children with his former spouse, Vanessa Villanueva.

Although he prefers to keep his current family situation a secret, the world has had access to his path through love and grief. Nearly everyone who knows him knows his romantic history and surroundings.

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Who Is Chris Perez’s Wife?

When Chris composed Selena Quintanilla’s Coca-Cola commercial jingle in 1989, the two people first came into contact.

He had always been drawn to the Tejano singer, and it only took him a trip away after the commercial to come to terms with his feelings for her. He tried to keep his distance from the woman, though, as he already had a girlfriend.

It happened when Chris was hired by the band Selena y Los Dinos when they were looking for a new guitarist. Despite his efforts to distance himself, Perez became closer to Quintanilla due to their shared musical interests and band activities.

From 1990 to 1991, the two began dating, but they kept their relationship a secret from the public and Selena’s father, Abraham. Abraham cared for the band and was highly watchful of any obstacles his daughter might face on the road to success.

As a result, they kept their relationship under wraps from Selena’s father until he discovered them sharing a bus seat and revealed the truth. After Perez disobeyed the order to keep away from Selena, Abraham then expelled him from the band.

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However, Chris and Selena were incredibly in love and unable to separate from one another. Selena entered Chris’ hotel room on April 2, 1992, and persuaded him to wed her because Chris’ father would only approve of them being together if they were married.

The couple fled together to Nueces County, Texas, and led a quiet life after that. During their elopement, they secretly got married and became husband and wife.

Abraham approved their union and requested them to return to their regular lives as band members after sensing their intense love for one another and his love for his daughter.

Everything worked out perfectly for the two of them, and they had a happy three years of marriage, during which they advanced in their personal and professional lives. But things came to an abrupt end.

Meet Chris Perez’s Children

Chris Perez and Vanessa Villaneuva, his second wife, welcomed two children, Noah and Cassie. John Garza introduced the two, leading to the first encounter between Perez and Villaneuva.

Before breaking up in 1998, they developed a solid understanding and kept in touch for about a year. After three years of dating, they got married in 2001. They were wed for almost seven years before filing for divorce in 2008.

Before getting married, the two were already parents to their daughter Cassie. They welcomed their son four years after getting married.

Cassie Gabrielle Perez

The oldest child of Chris Perez and his ex-wife, Vanessa, is Cassie Gabrielle Perez.

She is 24 years old and was born on December 22, 1998. Cassie is foraying into the world of beauty and lifestyle, but the specifics still need to be clarified.

She founded and owned the Instagram beauty page Ethereal Beauty. Vanessa primarily uses the alias @casie.gabrielle.perez on social networking sites like Instagram.

With 32 post submissions, she appears active on the social media platform. On the photo-sharing website, her account has more than 19.2k followers.

Noah Perez

Noah Perez is the youngest of Chris Perez’s children from his first marriage. About four years after Chris and Vanessa’s wedding, Noah was born on April 2, 2005.

When he was just three years old, the couple parted ways. Since their divorce, the two have been co-parenting their kids.

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Despite the challenges, he strives to have a happy life despite having down syndrome. While posting pictures of her younger brother on Instagram in 2019, Cassie made the announcement.

She frequently takes care of her brother, and the two appear to have a lovely sibling bond. He is possibly a senior in high school at the age of 17.

Who Are Chris Perez’s Parents?

Chris Perez was born in San Antonio, Texas, on August 14, 1969, to parents Carmen Medina and Gilbert Perez.

While his mother was occupied with caring for the family, Gilbert, his father, worked as a computer engineer. Her academic and professional history has yet to be discovered.

He was raised in a loving home by American and Mexican parents until their parents split in 1974. At the time, he was only four years old. His mother remarried four years afterward.

He was raised by his parents, who frequently pushed him to pursue music and persuaded him to join the school concert band.

Carmen was disappointed, though, because there were preconceived notions about rock and punk music at the time, and the man had opted to master the electric guitar.

Chris lived with his father in a shared apartment during his adolescent years, but in 1986, Tony Lares asked him to join Shelly Lares’ band, and that was when his chance finally knocked.

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