Who Is Chris Darnell? Jet Truck Accident Resulted In His Death
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Chris Darnell, 40, passed away horrifyingly during an air show in Michigan. His “Shockwave Jet Truck” detonated on Saturday, and he was the unfortunate victim of the horrific mishap.

According to LD Grace’s heartbreaking Facebook post, Chris sadly lost his life during his High-Speed Run in Shockwave at an Air Show in Michigan.

On June 3, news of Chris’ untimely passing spread on social media. He has spent his entire life participating in motorsports and has also given performances at air shows throughout the nation.

Let’s learn more about Chris Darnell’s professional background and personal life, including his family and kids.

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Who Is Chris Darnell? His Biography

The SHOCKWAVE Jet Truck and the FLASH FIRE Jet Truck were both flown by Chris Darnell. He was 40.

According to the rumors, Chris turned 40 just one month ago. As he recalls from his early days, Chris has spent his entire life competing in motorsports events. He had years of racing expertise and had worked in the Motorsports Promotion industry.

Chris has also participated in various racing competitions, including circle track, drag racing, and more.

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Regarding Chris’s educational background, Missouri State University awarded him a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, and promotions.

He not only drives the fastest trucks in the world in drag races and air shows, but he also owns and operates a business called 4 Wheel Customs that sells truck accessories.

Chris and his father, Neal, shared driving responsibilities in the Flash Fire and SHOCKWAVE Jet Trucks before Chris’s passing.

What Happen To Chris Darnell?

Neal Darnell, Chris Darnell’s father, stated that mechanical failure was the cause of his youngest son’s passing. He had succumbed to his wounds at one-thirty.

After conducting an investigation, Battle Creek police named the victim Chris Darnell. According to NBC News, he was driving the Shockwave Jet Truck when it burst into flames and exploded due to a pyrotechnic accident.

Around 1:10 pm, the driver, Chris, was allegedly racing two aircraft during the air show at Battle Creek Field.

The occurrence resulted in the show’s cancellation because it was such a horrific accident. Police are still looking into the incident despite the news becoming sensational.

Chris Darnell’s Wife And Children

The courageous son of Marilyn (mom) and Neal is Chris Darnell (dad). His two kids, Reese and Taylor, and his wife Brooke were still in disbelief. They are undoubtedly devastated to hear of the death.

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Neal, his father, founded Shockwave Jet Truck and Flash Fire Jet Trucks, according to the Washington Post.

Without her spouse, Brooke, a mother of two, is now alone herself. The only thing that is known about his children’s ages is who they are.

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