Chris Byrnes Death After Wingsuit Failure: What Happened To Chris Byrnes?
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Chris Byrnes competed in Wingsuit. Chris was very active as a child and even as a young adult.

He joined neighborhood sports teams where he participated in the winter and summer sports of Field Hockey, Rugby, and Cricket.

He also participated intensively in swimming and other school-sponsored activities when they were available. But generally, Chris’s two greatest passions were ice skating and cricket.

From when he was seven years old until the time he was 22 years old, playing cricket for Western Districts Cricket Club in Toowoomba quickly became his primary sport.

He began playing cricket for a semi-professional team overseas after that. After that, I played for groups like the Leinster Cricket Club in Ireland over the 2009 European Summer.

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What Happened To Chris Byrnes?

Last week, Chris Byrnes unexpectedly passed away in Stockholm, Sweden. Mark S. Wrighton, the chancellor, expressed his sorrow over Christopher Byrnes’ passing.

He was a well-known academic leader, researcher, and collaborator. He will have a significant impact on the lives of several people. He claimed that the malfunction of his Wingsuit was what caused his death.

This athlete experienced numerous mishaps while skydiving. Then, after several months of skydiving and 70 jumps, he shared his first accident and tore his quadriceps muscle when landing improperly.

Chris saw this as an opportunity to get stronger and wiser rather than letting it deter him from achieving his goal of becoming a wingsuit pilot.

As a result, he obtained the necessary licenses and money to enroll in his first flying wingsuiting school after passing the test a little more than a year later and making 200 skydivers.

Chris Byrnes Parents Details

Patricia and Graham Byrnes raised Chris Byrnes. His parents were educators who are now retired in Toowooomba, Australia.

Eleven total children, six boys, and five girls. Chris’s parents currently house 34 grandchildren. So there was always a lot going on growing up in a big family.

The family lived in a modest house with a large garden and a pool. There was also a tree house and several fruit trees for climbing and munching. Tim Byrnes’ twin brother was born three minutes earlier than a sibling.

Chris Byrnes Net Worth Explored

Chris Byrnes’s actual net worth is still not publicly available on the internet.

He started a carpentry apprenticeship while still a high school student and completed it fully after graduating.

When he returned to his hometown, he began working as a carpenter and construction worker, building residences and establishments.

It wasn’t his ideal profession, but he could employ his love of woodworking while making a good livelihood.

Chris thought he needed a break from laborious work and chose to become an insurance salesman a few years later.

Then, he could start saving money for skydiving in a less physically demanding profession that paid a little bit more.

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