Chloe Lewis Weight Loss, Boyfriend, Kids: Have Chloe Lewis And Danny Flasher Split?

Chloe Lewis impressively lost her weight.

She gained about 1.5 stone during her pregnancy, but two weeks after giving birth, she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight. While dating investor Danny Flasher in October, Chloe gave birth to her first kid.

Chloe Lewis, a reality TV star, can be seen on The Only Way Is Essex. The reality TV personality joined Towie in 2015. She has additionally worked as a model for All Saints.

Prior to joining Towie, she was a member of a band with Jess Wright, the sister of Mark Wright, a former cast member. In 2017, Lewis launched Chloe Lewis Cosmetics, her own line of cosmetics.

She and Dan Edgar were both cast members of season 14 who have fought Megan McKenna from the beginning. She made a comeback for Series 23, which began on September 2, 2018.

Given Chloe Lewis’ fame, many people are interested in learning more about her personal life, and her love relationships usually catch the attention of her fans.

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To learn about her Weight Loss, Boyfriend, And Kid’s Details, continue reading the article.

Chloe Lewis Weight Loss Journey After Baby

Chloe Lewis successfully shed a significant amount of weight just two weeks after giving birth to her son.

Lewis acknowledged on Instagram that she gained 1.5 stone throughout her pregnancy, and two weeks after giving birth to her baby, she returned to her pre-pregnancy weight.

After expressing amazement at her lack of weight gain and disclosing that she became pregnant just one month after beginning her baby planning adventure, the former TOWIE star said she felt like she was “ready to blow out.”

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Beau Lewis was born on October 13, 2019, to Lewis. Only two weeks after giving birth, Chloe has already returned to fitness. She said that both before and after her pregnancy, she exercised.

She regulated her nutrition as well in order to maintain a fit body. The new mother proudly displayed her fantastic physique for all to see on Instagram, attributing her weight loss to her pilates training.

According to Chloe’s IG post, @zerogravitypilates helped her body recuperate from all the activities she did before and during her pregnancy.

Who Is Chloe Lewis Boyfriend?

Chloe Lewis’ boyfriend is Danny Flasher. In 2016, the two began dating, and they appeared content up until recently. On October 13, 2019, Chloe and Danny welcomed a son named Beau.

She hasn’t mentioned anything about how they met or how they first became friends. Despite everything, she is satisfied with her pal, and the two are having fun.

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The birth of the baby boy made the couple even happier. Beau is a gorgeous baby boy who Chloe is pleased to be the mother of. She would rather be with her great boyfriend and young child.

She previously dated Jake Hall for close to six years. Jake cheated on Chloe despite the fact that they had been dating for six years. The ex-couple then went their separate ways.

After eight months of being apart from Jake, Chloe found Danny to be a comforting confidant. In Chloe’s life, his presence has had a significant impact. The pair seemed to have a fulfilling existence.

Meet Chloe Lewis Kids

Beau is the only son Chloe Lewis has ever had. On October 13, 2019, Chloe and Danny had their first child. In 2022, Beau will be three years old.

Lewis later revealed that the “vanishing twin syndrome,” a very common condition, only caused one of the twins to live and the other to pass away when she was carrying twins.

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The doctor confirmed that the twins were identical, Chloe said. It was terrible to hear that. When it was released, I kept believing that they would all have the same appearance.

I cried for nearly three months, and the new mother continued. And the speaker added, I felt like I had lost a kid. The mother and son team is currently, though, relishing their time together.

Chloe frequently shares photos from her adventures with Beau on her Instagram. They routinely go to other places.

Have Chloe Lewis And Danny Flasher Split?

Chloe Lewis and Danny Flasher are still together and content.

There are some reports about Chloe and Danny breaking up on the internet. But none of them has formally announced their breakup as of yet. Therefore, the rumor can be based on a misconception.

Chloe hasn’t shared a photo of herself with her boyfriend, Danny, in a while. And perhaps, for this reason, her admirers were concerned that she might split up with Danny.

Lewis shared a picture of herself and Danny online on November 7, 2021. She hasn’t since then. Since she hasn’t shared a photo of herself with him in almost a year, her followers are wondering.

There isn’t enough proof to establish that she and Danny are still dating as long as she hasn’t made it known to the public. Perhaps they are still together and living happily ever after.

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