Leyton Hewitt’s mother, Cherilyn Hewitt, is a former physical education instructor who married into a sporting clan. 

Throughout the early 2000s, Cherilyn defended her feisty child in countless media interviews.

According to Cherilyn, her child had a Jekyll and Hyde-like temperament and was represented in Australian media as a fiercely competitive athlete.

Throughout his sporting career, Leyton’s mother gave her son her full support. On the court, he was highly competitive, but off it, he was quiet and reserved.

Cherilyn first thought the uproar in the media around her family was absurd, but she eventually adapted to the star culture.

She is currently in her mid-sixties and lives a life away from the spotlight as the devoted grandmother of three of Lelyton’s kids.

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Who Is Cherilyn Hewitt? Lleyton Hewitt Mother Wikipedia Bio

Lleyton Hewitt’s mother, Cherilyn Hewitt, is a former physical education teacher who serves as a personal nutrition and fitness consultant.

Former Australian rules football player Glynn Hewitt and Cherilyn had two kids together over the course of their marriage.

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Along with being well-known as the mother of Lleyton Hewitt, the PE teacher also has a daughter named Jaslyn Hewitt.

Cherilyn made it a point to watch every tennis match that her two enthusiastic players played. Early in his career, Cherilyn saw her son defeat opponents like Andre Agassi and Roger Federer. The proud mother has always been the famed player’s staunchest supporter.

How Old Is Cherilyn Hewitt? Her Age

Cherilyn Hewitt is in her mid-60s. She married Glynn Hewitt in her early 20s, and the two bore Lleyton and Jaslyn Hewitt. Cherilyn was employed in the sports sector, married into a sporting clan, and had kids who played the same sport.

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Leyton is a renowned tennis player from Australia and a great athlete, so he hardly needs an introduction. Cherilyn’s daughter Jaslyn has bodybuilding experience and was a tennis player in the past, just like her brother.

Her career did not, however, take off as her brothers did. A hand injury Jaslyn suffered led to the end of her career. Despite that, she persisted in her decision to pursue a career as a tennis coach today.

Meet Cherilyn Hewitt Children

Lleyton Hewitt won two grand slam championships during the course of his 20-year career, including Wimbledon and the US Open. Her fondest recollection isn’t Cherilyn’s son taking home those two tiles either.

When Cherilyn was asked what Lelyton’s parents thought was the best moment in his career, she mentioned his breakthrough week at Adelaide’s Memorial Drive in 1998.

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Lleyton surprised players like Andre Agassi and Jason Stoltenberg when he was only 16 years old. Lelyton gained widespread recognition throughout that week, and Cherilyn couldn’t believe the media started pursuing them.

Over the years, Cherilyn watched as many of her superstar son’s matches as she could, and since he went on to win 30 ATP titles, she presumably became accustomed to it.

Who Is Cherilyn Hewitt Husband?

The list of Australian athletes doesn’t just include Cherilyn Hewitt’s son. Cherilyn’s husband, Glynn Hewitt, used to play Australian rules football. His career never really took off, despite the fact that he was a potent goal threat when playing as a forward.

Cherilyn Hewitt
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Despite not really playing for any significant clubs, Glynn Hewitt eventually achieved success, taking home the Goal-Kicking Award in 1979 with 83 goals. If you think the family’s athletic background ends there, you’d be wrong.

Cherilyn’s father-in-law, Max Hewitt, played football for Australia in the past. His brother Darryl was also a professional athlete, and he made 129 appearances for the West Adelaide soccer team.

Cherilyn Started As A Physical Education Teacher

Before she married her husband, Glynn Hewitt, Cherilyn Hewitt worked as a physical education teacher. And it’s safe to say that the two grew closer when they discussed fitness and maintaining top physical shape.

Before deciding to retire, Cherilyn, a mother of two, taught physical education for a very long period. Cherilyn then got to work giving tips on diet and exercise.

Cherilyn’s list of responsibilities grew as she was compelled to take care of Lleyton’s three children as the years passed.

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