After leaving SNL, Cheri Oteri currently works in movies, where she has considerably smaller roles.

Cheri Oteri rose to recognition as an outstanding actor and comic when she joined the Saturday Night Live regular cast in the 1990s.

Throughout her five years on Saturday Night Live, Cheri became well-known for impersonating notable figures, including Ross Perot and Debbie Reynolds. Her resignation, however, surprised her supporters.

After leaving the show, Cheri appeared in a few TV shows and motion pictures, but she hasn’t exactly achieved the same degree of fame as fellow SNL regulars Tracy Morgan or Will Ferrell.

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery, Appearance, Partner, Net Worth: What Happened To Her?
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Most of her admirers are interested in learning more about her life after leaving SNL and her recent activities.¬†Let’s learn more about her personal life in detail.

Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery Appearance

Given Hollywood celebrities’ immense pressure to stay youthful and attractive, it is hardly surprising that Cheri Oteri may have undergone cosmetic surgery to maintain her appearance.

Due to how drastically plastic surgery changed her appearance, she is no longer recognized for her work on Saturday Night Live.

As a result, she might appear less regularly on television. However, her talent was still enough to land her several fantastic parts and production opportunities.

NameCheri Oteri
Age60 Years Old
BornSeptember 19, 1962
BirthplaceUpper Darby, Pennsylvania, U.S.
ProfessionComedian and Actress

Meet Cheri Oteri Partner

It could be challenging to ascertain whether Cheri Oteri is married and, if so, who her husband is because she is so discreet, especially for a well-known person.

As mentioned, Oteri is very private, and not much is known about her personal life to the broader public.

The general public is unaware of the facts of her relationship status because she is not the person who would publicize it. Rarely, if ever, does the reclusive SNL star talk about her love affairs or marriages.

Therefore, it is unknown to the broader public whether she is wed, engaged, or just seeing someone.

Despite having a long career, Oteri has never discussed her relationship. Therefore, we don’t know if she’s ever been married to her unidentified concealed spouse.

One of these claims is that Cheri Oteri and Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin’s husband at the time, had had a romantic relationship.

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However, as none of those involved have ever come forward to confirm such reports, this is not a proven reality. Therefore, it might have been a rumor.

No more questions about the rumor or considerations of Alec Baldwin as a potential husband were raised. But back then, there were many rumors.

Even though the rumor’s subjects never confirmed it, many people believed that the two were romantically involved.

People think that although Alec never became her husband and their relationship did not result in marriage, they were still earnest about each other.

Cheri Oteri Net Worth Explored

According to Celebrity Networth, Cheri presently has an estimated net worth of roughly $2 million. Cheri Oteri began her acting career as a comedy actor when she joined The Groundlings.

Chris Kattan then gave a monologue to the executives of Saturday Night Live in the crowd as she changed into a second costume. Then, Oteri was asked to show up for an SNL tryout.

She made guest cameos in several TV episodes, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Shoot Me!, and Strangers with Candy. In addition, for the 2009 Fox animated comedy series Sit Down, Shut Up, Oteri voiced Helen Klench.

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Oteri has a long employment resume, but she has also been in several movies that have only received wide distribution within the Hollywood industry.

Oteri had the incredible fortune to be cast in several exciting TV show pilots, none of which were picked up by the TV networks for an entire season.

Even though her career has not taken off as it once did when she was a member of SNL, she is still working hard in the entertainment sector. She is doing well in her career and has a comfortable lifestyle.

What Happened to Cheri Oteri?

Cheryl Ann Oteri, an American actress and comedian who left Saturday Night Live, began acting in motion pictures.

She is well recognized for her work on Saturday Night Live, a sketch comedy show (SNL). In 1995, the Saturday Night Live cast underwent a significant reorganization.

All actors, including Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Mike Myers, were fired. But, for their 21st season, they also hired other aspiring comics who hadn’t yet made it big, such as Cheri Oteri.

Due to her success on SNL, she was selected to play Gail Hailstorm in the 2000 movie Scary Movie. Unfortunately, after seeing the scary movie, she had poor luck.

After the Scary Movie producers decided Gail Hailstorm wasn’t necessary for their upcoming movies, Oteri was forced to look for a new job.

Cheri Oteri judge judy 94
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When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) and Southland Tales, two of Dumb and Dumberer’s predicted blockbuster smashes, gave her the good fortune to be cast in two roles (2006).

Because of these movies’ underwhelming box office results, Oteri was forced to look for new employment to maintain her remarkable acting career.

During her five years on SNL, Cheri was one of the show’s most well-liked performers, along with Arianna, the Spartan Cheerleader, and Collette Reardon, the psychotic pharmacist.

When Cheri’s career seemed to be in a temporary rut, she decided to pursue voice acting as a new field of expertise.

She excelled in her new field, landing parts in films including Glenn Martin, D.D.S., The Ant Bully, The Life & Times of Tim, and Shrek the Third.

However, Oteri’s decision to begin working on these projects wasn’t solely motivated by the fact that she was a superb voice actress.

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