Chelsea Freeman, age 31, is the proprietor of the Chelsea Freeman Collection and a real estate agent. Her estimated net worth is more than $1 million. 

Freddie Freeman, the first baseman in professional baseball, is married to Chelsea. She is a former real estate agent from South Florida who now works as a model.

Charlie Freeman, the son of Chelsea and Freddie Freeman, was occupied cheering on the Braves and Ronald Acuna Jr. against the Mets by performing the Braves chop at the time of Maximus Turner Freeman’s birth.

The son of the former Braves first baseman showed that his baseball allegiances had not changed on Sunday as the Braves defeated the Mets.

Charlie seems to have inherited his love of the Atlanta Braves, who swept the New York Mets to take control of the NL East, making him as happy as everyone else.

Freeman was made a free agent after the 2021 campaign. He wanted to sign a long-term deal with the Braves but could not.

Instead, the Braves decided to sign Matt Olson to an eight-year, $168 million contract almost immediately. The Dodgers quickly complied and made him an unbeatable six-year, $162 million offer.

Chelsea Freeman Earnings, Salary, Net worth, Age, Height, Husband Details
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Chelsea Freeman Earnings, Salary

When she’s not helping her husband at Trust Park, realtor Chelsea Freeman sells homes in the area. In Atlanta, Georgia, Chelsea started as a real estate agent.

Thanks to her success as a real estate agent, Freeman was motivated to follow her hobbies and invest in a company.

She avoids selling tiny fixer-uppers. Instead, her real estate website features several stunning, lavish homes on spacious lots, some of which are priced at more than $5 million.

Chelsea Freeman is a wife, a mother, and a businesswoman. Charlie, Brandon, and Maximus are her three boys, and she is a proud mother.

Her interest in painting and design grew after she spent the preceding ten years watching baseball games and realizing that baseball fans required more stylish gear.

After 2020 arrived, she was motivated to take her goals more seriously. So she unveiled the Chelsea Freeman Collection in the spring of 2021.

Chelsea Freeman’s Net Worth Explored

Chelsea Freeman has a net worth of more than $1 million as a real estate broker and businesswoman. She is an Atlanta real estate agent for Keller Williams Real Estate.

As of September 28 of this year, ZipRecruiter reported that the average annual compensation for a real estate agent in Atlanta was $88,083.

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Chelsea also established the Chelsea Freeman Collection in 2021. In addition, she offers a wide range of items on the website, including bangles, necklaces, crewnecks, joggers, and t-shirts.

Hats start at $44, while jewelry items vary from $20 to $48. Unfortunately, T-shirts and crewneck sweaters are not readily available in large quantities.

There are rates ranging from $44 to $98. Unfortunately, there is only one type of jogger on the market. The cost is $98, and the available hues are red or blue.

Chelsea Freeman Age And Height

Freddie Freeman’s wife, Chelsea, is a 31-year-old woman. Frederick is 33 years old, and she is two years younger. So compared to her actual age, she appears a lot younger.

The height of Mrs. Freeman is 5 feet, 5 inches. She looks tall and confident and has kept up her physical attractiveness. She is a couple of feet shorter than her 6 feet 5-inch tall husband.

The mother of three maintains her youthful appearance by eating well and exercising frequently. In addition, she often shares gorgeous photos of her family, including her husband and kids, on her Instagram account.

Chelsea frequently attends her husband’s games and competitions. In addition, she is a flawless makeup artist based on her appearance; we can assume that she understands how to look great in even the most casual outfits.

Full NameChelsea Freeman
Birth DateApril 24, 1991
Birth PlaceFlorida

Chelsea Freeman Husband And Children Details

Brandon John and Maximus Turner, twins Chelsea Freeman welcomed after a protracted period of infertility after their first son, were finally successful.

The Freemans looked into fertility treatments, met physicians, and learned that Chelsea might not be able to have any more children after trying to become pregnant for a few years after Charlie was born.

In a surprising and happy turn of events, Chelsea became pregnant almost simultaneously as the Freemans’ surrogate was scheduled to bear their child.

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The kind of family Freddie and Chelsea Freeman envisioned is the significant number of siblings who will develop into playing, loving, and supporting one another.

Charlie, 4, and his two younger siblings are now a part of the Freeman family, but they could never have imagined how they would get to where they are.

Brandon John and Maximus Turner, Charlie’s two younger siblings, are now living. On December 30, Brandon was born and was given the name Brandon in memory of Chelsea’s grandfather.

The middle name Maximus Turner was given to him in honor of the ballpark where Freddie Freeman made his Atlanta Braves debut when he was born on February 14.

The parents will be worn out, but Chelsea and the babies are doing great and are all healthy. The Freeman family relishes being parents to their three kids.

HusbandFreddie Freeman
ChildrenCharlie, Brandon, and Maximus

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