Cheeseaholic Arrested: How Tall And Old Is Cheeseaholic? Where Is He Now In 2022?
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A well-known young YouTuber and gamer is named Cheeseaholic. He runs the NBA 2K-themed YouTube channel Cheeseaholic, where he instructs viewers on how to hone their dribbling techniques, take advantage of numerous game quirks, and improve their overall gaming experience. Explore more about him in this post.

He currently has 1.31 million subscribers on his channel. On his channel, he also has many vlogs and prank films. He opened a YouTube account under his name on December 26, 2014. The first of his videos to accomplish that feat was “MY BROTHER KNOCKED ME OUT ON STREAM,” from June 2017.

On his YouTube channel, his sibling has frequently made appearances. In one of his YouTube videos, ayyyMark engaged in combat with Cheeseaholic. His YouTube account now includes 235 videos that he has published.

Cheeseaholic Bio: How Tall And Old Is Cheeseaholic? 

Cheeseaholic is currently in Brockton, Massachusetts, in the United States with his family. On September 18, 2000, a YouTuber was born into an Afro-American family. He spends all of his boyhood days with his brother.

In most of his YouTube videos, his older brother is present. These include My Big Brother Ended My 100 Game Streak Someone Got Knocked Out NBA 2K21 and My Big Brother Knocked Me Out After I Beat His Huge Win Streak NBA 2K19.

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Currently, a YouTuber has 1.31 million subscribers to his channel. His YouTube videos have received much positive feedback, consistent with her rising online fame. He is active not just on YouTube but also on Instagram and Twitter.

As of this writing, a well-known gamer with the Instagram handle @cheeseaholic has 226k followers and 42 posts. Cheeseaholic, a frequent social media picture-sharing user, enjoys connecting with his loved ones through photos. Cheeseaholic can also be found on Twitter at @Cheeseaholic YT. He joined Twitter in October 2018 and now has 124.2k followers.

What Is Cheeseaholic Real Name And Age?

YouTuber and gamer Cheeseaholic, 22, has kept his real name a mystery. He prefers a low-key lifestyle and keeps his identity a secret from the general population. As a result, most of his online data is currently unavailable.

On September 18, 2000, a YouTuber was born in Brockton, Massachusetts. As a result of creating a YouTube video, he gained popularity. On his channel, Cheeseaholic also includes several vlogs and prank films.

At a very young age, he has already made a significant impact on his career; by the looks of things, it is just growing.

Cheeseaholic Arrested: Charges & Case Details

For YouTubers, scandal is never far away because of the fierce battle for views and subscribers, which occasionally leads to improper behavior by some people on the network.

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A YouTuber recently in the spotlight on social media is Cheeseaholic. A YouTuber said in a video he posted to his channel that he had spent two days in jail on firearms charges and that they had assisted him with $50,000 in debt. He also disclosed that the cops hassle him for impermissibly searching everything, which leads to the discovery of his firearms.

He has spoken out and created videos about his time in prison since his release.

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