Jocelyn Laurence, Dr. Charles Licciardello’s wife, is a physicist. Once upon a time, Jocelyn was a research analyst at Foster Stockbroking. Charles is a member of the satirical group The Chaser. Thus, he may be recognized by some.

He now co-hosts Plant America on ABC TV with John Barron and has previously been on The Chaser’s War on Everything, The Hamster Wheel, and CNNNN.

Charles is 45 years old, was born in Sydney on May 10th, 1977, and works in the screenplays and continuity department.

He is also a writer, actor, and producer. Review, co-starring Myles Barlow (2010); Unbelievable, starring Lawrence Leung (also as an actor) (2011).

Licciardello has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry since his debut in 1999. While many details about the comedian’s career are known, far less is known about his private life, including his wife, children, and family.

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Who Is Charles Licciardello’s Wife?

The wife of Foster Stockbroking founder Charles Licciardello, Dr. Jocelyn Laurence, was a research analyst there in the past. Jocelyn studies the physical world and works in that field.

Jocelyn has extensive experience as a stockbroker research analyst. Jocelyne is well-versed in basic analysis and boasts superior research abilities.

Since she is no longer active in the brokerage industry, it’s safe to assume that she is devoting her time to her family.

Charles, whose wife gushes about how much she adores him on ABC’s Planet America alongside co-host John Barron, is presenting the show.

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He first appeared on The Chaser Decides in 2001, which marked the beginning of his tv career. He also made guest appearances in the 2004 and 2007 seasons of the spin-off series.

He covered the 2012 US election for Planet America as a co-host. Before the 2016 US presidential and legislative elections, he returned to his hosting role on Planet America 2016.

Married Life Of Charles And Jocelyn

When Charles and Jocelyn were students at the University of Sydney, they were introduced to each other in a science class. The comedian got his BA in science and his JD in law from the institution.

Even though they had lost touch after college, they were able to reunite years later. They appear to be living happily ever after as a married couple with no indication of divorce or disagreements.

They also have two children, both of whom are the pride of their lives. The foursome calls Croydon Park in Sydney’s west inner suburbs home.

For $1.98 million in February of 2016, the couple was very close to upgrading to a beautiful four-bedroom terrace in Forest Lodge.

The wealthy Croydon Park home owned by Charles and his scientist wife was sold for $1.42 million. The final sum was double what they had initially paid for the property ten years prior.

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