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All of Chad Hiltz’s followers are concerned about an illness he may be experiencing. One of the most recognizable names in the auto industry is Chad Hiltz, better known by his stage name “Bad Chad.” “Bad Chad Customs” on the Discovery Channel is where Chad Hiltz first gained notoriety.

When it comes to redesigning, remodelling, or enhancing any type of car, Bad Chad on his channel makes the most of even the smallest potential.

Bad Chad upgrades ancient junk automobiles with the simplest of materials, but as a consequence, he gets the best performance and makes the car appear to be the rarest.

Chad makes a masterpiece out of nothing but trash. Additionally, Chad serves as the head of his own business, Green Goblin Customs. The god of transforming automobiles into marvels is said to be Chad.

However, he has a sizable fan base because of his abilities, and that comes with constant pressure to get better every day. This dispels the myth spread by his admirers that he is ill in some way.

Is Chad Hiltz suffering From Any Illness? His Health Update

Chad Hiltz is believed to be unwell, according to his supporters.

Chad Hiltz is a car remodelling expert who displays his talents on his YouTube channel and through a show on the Discovery Channel. He rebuilds the old garbage there, turning it into something entirely new.

Chad Hiltz
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The majority of viewers who can see him through their displays speculate that Chad appears a little more sleepy and exhausted. They are worried that he might have a disease, so they worrying about it.

But according to people close to him, Chad is healthy and doing great. Chad is in good health and able to continue doing his automotive magic.

Who Is Bad Chad Customs Wife? Her Name

Jolene is the wife of Bad Chad from Bad Chad Customs.

Bad Chad has had a lucky career, but his love life has not always been easy. Although Chad initially married when he was 16, he kept private information about his spouse at the time.

Chad Hiltz and his wife
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He married for the first time and has a daughter. Chad remarried once again at the age of 27, but he eventually divorced her. Chad has a kid named Colton from his second marriage.

He finally met Masher in 1999, following all of his failed unions. They fell in love and welcomed Harlee into the world. When their daughter was born, they relocated to Canning. But as time went on, they made the decision to part ways.

Eventually, he ran into Green Goblin Customs manager Jolene Macintyre, who is now the love of his life. They got engaged in 2017 and are currently waiting to wed.

How Much Does Bad Chad Earn? His Net Worth

Bad Chad has a staggeringly high net worth and has been at the height of his profession.

He has been refitting cars to perfection and working as a master mechanic. Bad Chad has put a lot of effort into becoming known as the God of Car Modifications.

He has appeared on the Discovery channel and also runs his own channel, which is how he makes money.

Bad Chad has an estimated net worth of roughly $800,000, which may undoubtedly rise in the near future.

What Is Chad Hiltz Age?

Despite being 50 years old, Chad Hiltz continues to be very active at work.

On August 31, 1971, he was born in Kingsport, Nova Scotia. Doug and Patricia Hiltz gave birth to him. Hiltz omitted any mention of having siblings. He is still engaged and eager despite his advanced age.

He has never let his audience down and has always aggressively promoted the building and remodelling of new cars in the program.

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