There are no lyrics in Hudson Mohawke’s song CBAT since it is merely odd music that is currently popular.

The song CBAT was written by Scottish DJ and musician Hudson Mohawke in 2011, although he never imagined that someone would use it while in a close relationship.

The song, which features progressively strange music and piercing tones, has gone viral on several social media sites, including TikTok, as a result of a Reddit member sharing an amusing personal experience.

He claimed that his girlfriend had told him that during their tight relationship, she had loathed the music for two years.

Despite the fact that the man shared both the humorous and disappointing sides of the event, online users can’t stop posting humorous remarks and funny comments.

hudson mohawke i had literally opened a whole inside of my mouth

Lyrics Of Hudson Mohawke TikTok Song CBAT

The popular TikTok song CBAT by Hudson Mohawke lacks words because it is merely a soundtrack with no vocals.

The music is around two minutes and fifty seconds long and is entirely instrumental. It solely features sharp beats that play quickly and rhythmically in a frightening manner.

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It is not good music as we understand it today, and you certainly wouldn’t listen to it when spending alone time with your lover.

People find it hilarious and unrelatable that the man played this soundtrack without any vocals and just a few eerie beats.

CBAT Song Reddit Story: Why Is The Hudson Mohawke Song Suddenly Viral?

The CBAT song by Hudson Mohawke made the news on Reddit when a man joked that he played it constantly while having sex with his partner.

A few days ago, a Reddit member going by the handle tyler Life shared a media piece in which he discussed the situation in detail.

Hudson Mohawke

According to the narrative, he originally felt uneasy in bed and sought music to help him calm and unwind while engaging in sexual activity with his partners, according to Sportskeeda.

He, therefore, made a playlist and played it in the space each time he engaged in sexual activity with a partner. And he revealed that CBAT by Hudson Mohawke was one of the many songs on that playlist.

Hudson Mohawke CBAT Song And TikTok Meme Meaning

As many individuals are creating films of their fictitious scenarios relating to the Reddit tale, Hudson Mohawke’s CBAT song from TikTok has turned into meme material.

The tale is swiftly gaining popularity online, and many TikTok users are acting out the speculative situations in amusing videos they’re creating while using the soundtrack. In majority of the videos, a couple is making out as the boy is playing the CBAT song, and the girl becomes irritated.

Similar to this, other people have attempted to mimic the man’s action while engaging in sexual activity by timing their hip motion to the beat of the song. Below are a few TikTok videos that individuals have created for the CBAT song.

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