Caterina Masetti Zannini Age, Biography, Wikipedia, Earnings And Net Worth

The former girlfriend of Formula One driver Pierre Gasly is Caterina Masetti Zannini. She is a well-known 22-year-old F1 engineer.

The World Championship of Formula One (F1) is a sport that oozes elegance, and this extends off the track as well since the wives of wealthy drivers and racing magnates (WAGs) are the subject of a great deal of fascination.

Pierre Gasly, a French racing driver who had previously demonstrated promise when driving for Red Bull’s junior squad Toro Rosso, was promoted by the company during the off-season.

He had difficulty and was ultimately dropped to the factory’s second team. However, the 26-year-old 2016 GP2 Series winner is expected to recover sooner rather than later because his stunning girlfriend has been by his side the entire time.

Pierre Gasly claimed that he was only a few meters away from losing his life after coming perilously near to hitting a crane on the Suzuka course during the Japanese Grand Prix 2022.

“I am incredibly grateful to be standing here. I could still reach my family and loved ones, but nothing changed. Today, I was only two meters from death.” Gasly described what happened.

Caterina Masetti Zannini Age, Biography, Wikipedia, Earnings And Net Worth
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Caterina Masetti Zannini Age: How Old Is She?

Caterina Masetti Zannini, once Pierre Gasly’s lover and companion, was born on April 1, 2000, and is now 22.

On April 1 each year, Zannini has a party with his loved ones to commemorate her birthday. Though not much is known about the lovely brunette, she rapidly rose to fame on Instagram.

The Bologna native now has over 64 thousand followers due to Caterina regularly posting pictures from her travels with her ex-boyfriend Gasly. The Italian, though, is an aeronautical engineer and does not work in the modeling sector.

The 22-year-old is dating another Indycar racer, Callum Ilott, after splitting up with French Formula One driver Pierre Gasly.

On September 19, she took a photo of the two of them at a racetrack, which she recently shared on Instagram.

Caterina Masetti Zannini Biography And Wikipedia

Zannini is responsible for representing Passorcorto as the brand ambassador for their line of high-end shoes. She has only recently started to play a significant role on the Passocorto team, and the entire group is ecstatic about it.

The charming Caterina Zannini, Pierre Gasly’s girlfriend, shines up as a particular person. She holds positions as an aeronautical engineer and a brand spokesperson and has had excellent success in her chosen career choices.

A Bologna local earns enough money to maintain a high living level. Caterina is also a gifted writer and a persuasive speaker. She writes, reads, and speaks English fluently.

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Because of this, despite having other qualifications, this girl works as a writer. She takes great pride in her work and writes excellent articles about other athletes. She is well-versed in sports, numerous teams, and contests.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she obtained a degree in aerospace engineering from the esteemed Mater studiorum, University of Bologna. In addition, she graduated from Liceo Classico S. Luigi Bologna with a diploma from high school.

Gasly comes from a long line of race-related activities in his family. His grandmother was a karting champion, and his great-grandfather participated in the sport. His father, Jean Jacques, has also competed in various racing divisions.

Caterina Masetti Zannini Net Worth Explored

One of the wealthiest Formula One drivers is Pierre Gasly, who has a whopping $33 million.

According to CA Knowledge, the 26-year-old driver’s deal with the Alpha Tauri F1 team reportedly pays him over 6 million US dollars annually.

Additionally, if Gasly achieves a specific number of victories and podium finishes throughout the season, he will be eligible for a $3 Million incentive payment.

Even though he races with Scuderia AlphaTauri, Pierre Gasly is a massive fan of the McLaren and Ferrari car companies.

He owns several well-known luxury automobile brands, including the McLaren 720S Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, valued at about $1 million. He also drives a Porsche 911 and a Ferrari 812 Red.

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