The total wealth of Carter Kostler is $500,000. Carter has a lucrative business profession and makes a comfortable living.

Kostler initially gained attention when he appeared on Shark Tank’s fifth season. He presented the Sharks with his fruit infuser water bottle invention.

He negotiated a contract for $100,000 in exchange for 20% stock in his business. Despite his plan’s potential, he still needs to close the deal.

Even yet, he was able to grow from the setback and was successful in his business. He is now serving in the Norfolk, Virginia, area of the United States Marine Corps.

He works in social services as well. In 2014, he served in Ghana as a youth ambassador for Bono.

Carter Kostler Net Worth: How Much Money Does Carter Kostler Make?

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Carter Kostier Salary

The latest estimate of Carter Kostler’s net worth is $500,000. He earns money from his successful business career.

Carter’s Define Bottle is well known. At the age of 13, he started this company. He was given a prize at the 2013 Clinton Foundation Health Matters Conference.

When he appeared on Shark Tank, he was only 15 years old. He created a product out of his concept.

His business was centered on improving Americans’ health and wellness, especially young people like himself. He wanted to make a drink that could replace sugary beverages like soda.

For some reason, Kostler could not secure funding for his business on the reality series “Shark Tank.” He did, however, capture the interest of millions of people.

For him, the rejection was not the end of his story. Carter reached his goal by coming out of the situation stronger and more sure of himself.

The bottle’s key component was the filter separating the water from the fruits. A naturally flavorful drink would result from the infusion of fruits and water.

Because of the filter, the flavoring could be quickly consumed. While the freshly poured water sat below the filter, waiting to become delectable, the old, tasty water rose to the top level.

Strawberries, cucumbers, lime, raspberries, apples, and celery might all be water-infused.

Mason infusers and little water infusers were among the later inventions. Carter also earns money from his military wage, another revenue source.

Carter Kostier’s Annual Salary: How Much?

As a well-known entrepreneur, Carter Kostler makes a tremendous amount of money.

Within a short period after the product was introduced to the market, he made $65,000, according to Sharktankblog.


His bottles cost $30 over the first several months, and clients purchased more than 2,000 units.

$10 was spent on manufacturing. This bottle set a record at the farmers’ market by quickly selling goods worth $1,000.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he started his start-up in 2013 with sales of $100,000. He improved his goods and sales to $1.4 million in 2014 as he gained notoriety.

He improved his product by establishing patents, industrial drawings, and prototypes, and Defined Bottle production runs.

Fortunately, he caught Carrie Underwood’s attention. She founded the “Calia” line with him, which is her own.

This action aided him in increasing sales. He began receiving numerous honors. Entrepreneur Magazine picked his company as one of the Top 100 Brilliant Companies because he worked hard and didn’t give up.

Forbes acknowledged Kostler’s company, and the publication featured him. Such acknowledgment benefited him both personally and professionally.

He currently serves in the US Marine Corps. He is employed as a reserve.

The typical yearly salary for a marine corp at this position is $84183, according to Glassdoor. However, the top wage is only limited to $136,000. He also receives advantages, including paid time off, vacation, and health insurance.

A united states Marine Named Carter Kostler

Since 2016, Carter Kostler has been a member of the US Marine Corps. He registered for recruiting training at Parris Island.

At 18, he received his degree after completing his training. Typically, the program takes 13 weeks to complete.

It requires a lot of mental and physical energy. As a reserve officer, I am currently employed by the fleet of amphibious assault vehicles.

He has been a Marine for a while. Six years and nine months have passed, and he still does. His four to six years of service have already passed.

Carter provided the country with a product to improve their overall health and his services to defend the country during the war.

Marines are always the first to fight when there is a problem or a disagreement. They’re often referred to as the “tip of the spear” or the “First to Fight.”

He had previously worked for the Clinton Foundation. It is a partnership for the younger generation’s health. He worked there from January 2013 until December 2015. He made an effort to reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity.

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