Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos’s Relationship: Find Their Dating Life And Where They Met?

Are you the ones Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos are still together? On June 24, 2022, Cali and Tomas tied the knot.

The two made a name for themselves on the successful American dating reality show Are You the One? They competed in the 2018 installment of the show’s seventh season.

Using sophisticated analytics, the show helps eligible singles establish lasting relationships. To win the enormous group reward of $1 million, contestants must coordinate their efforts to identify the correct pairs. Buenos, born in Argentina, moved to the United States when he was 11.

His serial womanizing became a running gag on the MTV show. He justified his actions by claiming he had told them neither falsehood nor the complete truth.

Trepp was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where she currently works as a pediatric nurse manager daily and performs as a singer and dancer at night.

Her hallmark is an all-or-nothing approach to life and an equally emphatic propensity for love at first sight.

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Cali Trepp And Tomas Buenos’s Relationhsip

As far as we know, Cali Trepp and Tomas Buenos are still together after the concert. Cali and Tomas first met in the seventh season of Are You The One?

Fans may be relieved that Trepp and Buenos, the couple who started it all, are still very much in love and together after the rest of the dynamic duo went to Splitsville.

After more than four years together, they tied the knot in 2022. Have they stayed together since joining AYTO? Season 7, even though they were ultimately deemed not to be a suitable match.

They persisted in their love for one another, and they are now a married pair. If you want to know more about Buenos, he is an Inventory Specialist at Rhythm and Vine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He has been leading successful teams for over six years. Before joining the dating series, he was an E-Commerce Specialist (March 2017-August 2018).

From April 2015 till February 2017, he was Dance South Florida’s team lead manager. His LinkedIn page claims he worked as a part-time bartender at Wood Tavern throughout the show’s run.

In January 2022, he departed from Wood Tavern. Immediately following the episode’s conclusion, he signed up with Miami’s Rhythm & Vine.

In May 2021, he received his B.B.A. from Florida International University. Cali attended Milwaukee’s Alverno College for her nursing education.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a bright and ambitious young lady. She plans to organize nationwide health campaigns using her advertising and public relations expertise.

In February 2016, she became a registered nurse at Rogers Memorial Hospital, where she has been employed ever since.

She has also worked as a student representative on the Alverno College student activities board, a sales representative for Silverleaf Resorts, and a promotional expert for TEAM Enterprise.

The Couple Got Married

The two got married on June 24, 2022, after being together for four years and living together for three. After announcing their engagement in November 2021, they picked the ideal location for their wedding: the Electric Forest music festival.

I married my closest friend,” Trepp said on Instagram. In addition, she gushed over the wedding location, saying it was “simply amazing” for their big day.

Everyone from close friends and relatives to curious onlookers shared the joy of the couple’s stunning wedding ceremony.

The bride embraced the festival vibe at Electric Forest by dressing in a breathtaking white lace top and a flowing tulle skirt, topped off with a crown and sparkly body jewelry.

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The groom chose to show off his laid-back style by donning a loose blacktop, a scarf that matched his outfit, and shorts.

They were engaged at the 2021 Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando, Florida, and the location was perfect for their wedding.

Each made an Instagram announcement of the excellent news. Buenos wrote to his prospective bride, “Love you, future wife,” in his Instagram post announcing the excellent news.

But the future Mrs. wrote “I SAID YES” with several diamond ring emojis on her account. She said she needed to be more knowledgeable and had forgotten to answer yes.

She said, “I simply just in such much astonishment!!!” The overjoyed bride-to-be also appreciated the support of her loved ones, who were there and cheering enthusiastically.

“In a word, @edc Orlando will never be forgotten. I will always, always, always love you, @tombuenos. “In the final paragraph, she penned.

Where Did Cali And Tomas Met?

Cali and Tomas appeared in the seventh season of the MTV dating show Are You the One. Episodes began airing on August 15, 2018, and the season finale aired on November 7, 2018.

Season 7 of Hokukano Bayhouse, filmed in Kona, Hawaii, saw a minor adjustment to the guidelines for getting a date. Participants were relieved of the pressure to outdo one another in a dating competition.

For each four-person date, Terrance would pick two candidates randomly from a pool of singles (one lady and one guy) and have them come forward and press a button on a rotating wheel.

A couple consisting of Buenos and Maria Elizondo was the first to enter the Truth Booth on Are You the One. Trepp has had previous pairings with Zak and Buenos.

During that initial week, Trepp and Buenos went out and had a great time away from the company. The Argentine reflected on their first journey together and remarked, “I still like her; what we clicked on is still there.”

Nonetheless, she acknowledged that she may have been too harsh in her assessment of him due to his lack of prior serious relationships. She speculated that she may have drawn the wrong conclusions too quickly.

At the Match-Up Ceremony, Buenos went with his instincts and picked Trepp (she was happy about it). There were now three more beams supporting the roof of the home.

Trepp pointed out that out of the four beams, only two pairs were duplicated “Thomas, Morgan, and Zak, plus me. If that’s the case, then only one of us may be considered a pair.”

Even though Buenos was sure he had it worked out, and that they were a scientifically compatible couple, their visit to the Boom Boom Room did not go as planned.

Despite their less-than-ideal pairing on the program, the two were engaged in November 2021 and married the following year in June 2022.

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