Bryce Young’s parents are Craig and Julie Young. As a licensed therapist, Craig has worked in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The family was tremendously into sports, and the father of the Crimson Tide quarterback was a devoted fan of basketball and the Los Angeles Lakers.

One of his most notable accomplishments was nearly ten years of coaching youth sports. His son Young is presently pursuing a football career as well. He is the redshirt sophomore quarterback for the University of Alabama.

He was a highly-anticipated high school player who took over as quarterback for the Crimson Tide in 2019 and 2020. He was chosen to start for Alabama in 2021.

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young Father Is A Therapist

Bryce Young’s father Craig Young is a certified therapist with more than 25 years of experience in mental health.

Craig has a B.A. in sociology from UCLA and an M.A. in marital and family therapy from Pacific Oaks College.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been a public speaker for the Young Consulting Group since 2011.

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Craig was reared in Harbor City, California, after being born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He acknowledges being a food snob and loves trying out new eateries.

Additionally, he has spoken with and been quoted by ESPN, the Associated Press, CBS Sports, The Los Angeles Times, Fox Sports, USA Today, The Athletic, The Ringer, Yahoo Sports, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Craig has made several podcast appearances.

Julie Young Is Bryce Young’s Mother

Bryce’s mother, Julie Young, is a native of Pasadena, California. Craig and Julie were wed on July 29, 1995, and have been partners for 30 years.

Her husband, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a throwback photo from their wedding, said she is the sweetest, most dependable person he has ever encountered.

On the other hand, Julie says on her Facebook page that she, her husband, and their son are currently living in Los Angeles. A link to products for the $25 University of Alabama t-shirt is also there on the page.

Most of the few pictures she has posted on her Facebook profile show her having fun with her family. In a photo she shared in June 2014, her father, who is supposedly named Ray, can be seen.

Julie and Craig watched their son play the whole game from the audience, which is where they usually sit at award ceremonies.

She is ecstatic about Bryce being chosen in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Family Life Of Bryce Young

Bryce’s grandparents reside in Laverock, Pennsylvania. Bryce’s grandfather, Rusty Fyre, was a DJ and a student at Roosevelt High School.

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Bryce is the second generation in his family to have a background in sports, based on his family tree. Images of Craig and Bryce wearing their jerseys when they were little can be found on his grandfather’s Facebook page.

Bryce’s aunt Leslee Jenise also posted a photo of the Young family at a gathering in March 2022 dressed casually.

The chance for the three-person family to discuss some of their experiences balancing sports, ancestry, and mental health was fantastic.

Does Bryce Young Have Siblings?

Bryce is Craig and Julie’s lone child. Bryce does, however, have a cousin named Madison Potts.

Craig also revealed that she was his goddaughter in a comment he made on a picture of Young. Bryce has relatives on both his maternal and paternal sides.

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