Bryanboy Age, Husband, Wedding, And Net Worth Details
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Bryan Grey Yamba, a well-known socialite and fashion blogger from the Philippines, was in the news when people began to wonder about his husband and background.

Despite living in the spotlight, he becomes extremely protective of the people he loves and collaborates with, putting their essence before his own.

He made quite the impression in the fashion industry when featured as the social media correspondent on America’s Next Top Model for two seasons, so his name is not just associated with his love attempts.

He even has a signature stance and a handbag named after him by Marc Jacobs.

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Bryanboy Age Details

Bryan Boy and his new spouse have a startling 39-year age difference.

The blogger claimed in a recent TikTok video that his young companion was 23 years old and that he was 62 years old.

They created a collage of their adventures while they traveled the world, and he boldly revealed his status as a sugar momma in a stunning Instagram post.

The 23-year-old model has a toned figure and stunning beauty that could send anyone quaking in their boots. However, they primarily focus on one another because of their shared love of shopping and daring actions.

boy I

Bryanboy leaves no room for complaints as he pampers his lover terribly and makes sure to grant all of his wishes and needs.

Bryanboy Husband

Bryan Boy, a fashion blogger, has not revealed the identity of his husband, but based on the countless tweets in which he mentions his spouse, we may assume he is married.

From a quick glance at his social media accounts, it is clear that he has a special someone in his life because he is constantly teasing and flaunting their relationship.

Despite being so outspoken about their relationship, they choose not to share a picture of the mysterious man with their eager admirers, who are clamoring for more information.

They parted ways in 2020 after he decided to get a divorce, so it appears he won’t ever show up again. He already has a new spouse and is in good health, so he is not the type of man to spend time with alone.

Bryanboy Wedding

Bryan Boy was wed to an unnamed groom until his divorce, albeit we are unsure if he had a ceremony.

boy II

The fashion consultant isn’t shy about offering his opinions on other people’s nuptials, so he felt compelled to address Marc Jacobs’ celebrity-studded wedding reception with WWD stylist Alex Badia and WWD eye editor Leigh Nordstrom.

Indeed, he is more than fit for the position because he has hosted many online celebrities and won the 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.

His blog, Hysterically Camp, combines his years of experience and a keen eye for fashion trends with smart yet caustic humor.

Bryanboy Net Worth

Bryanboy has made a fortune in net worth from his career as a model and a social media star.

The 2007 Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog went to his self-titled blog.

In addition to being dubbed “one of Fashion 2.0’s biggest superstars” and a “phenom in the fashion blogosphere” by, he was chosen as one of the nine sexiest internet celebrities by The New York Post.

The Sydney Morning Herald referred to his blog as “hysterically camp,” It is well-known for its “witty and frequently caustic criticism.” He served as America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 and Cycle 20 panel’s social media correspondent.

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