For Canadian pastor Bruxy Cavey and his wife, the recent claims of sexual assault against him have made their life difficult.

After being accused of sexual assault in March 2022, Cavey was forced to resign from his role as a pastor who taught. In June 2022, he was detained and charged with sexual assault.

He is a former priest and Canadian novelist. The End of Religion and Reunion are some of this author’s more works. Recently, conversations over Christian nonviolence theology in North America have featured Greg Boyd and Cavey prominently.

Bruxy Cavey Assault Allegations: Details On His Wife Nina Cavey And Children
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To learn more about Bruxy Cavey’s wife, Nina, and children, continue reading the article below.

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Bruxy Cavey Assault Allegations And Update

The Oakville megachurch disclosed on Saturday that it had confirmed further allegations against former pastor Bruxy Cavey, including one involving a juvenile. Cavey has been the subject of months’ worth of sexual assault allegations.

For 25 years, Cavey was a unique and well-liked pastor at The Meeting House, one of Canada’s most well-known evangelical churches, before charges of sexual assault were brought to the church’s notice in December. The most current revelations have since been made public in a statement and a video from the church.

The church disclosed on Saturday that it has independently confirmed three accusations of sexual misbehavior against Cavey, including two further allegations of sexual assault.

Details On Bruxy Cavey Wife Nina Cavey

Bruxy’s wife, Nina has helped him through all his challenging circumstances. Unfortunately, since he kept his personal and professional lives apart, there isn’t much information available online concerning Ms. Cavery. However, she may be seen in the pastor’s social media updates.

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Nina has constantly stood by her husband and been there for him through all of his difficult times, even though Bruxy was the target of numerous sexual harassment claims. In June, Hamilton police reported Cavey for allegedly sexually assaulting a church member.

Following those charges, a church investigation that was completed in March found that Cavey had exploited his position as a pastor and had harassed people sexually.

The Hamilton Police Service reported that Cavey had been detained and accused of sexual assault on June 6, 2022. He was granted conditional freedom and a court date of June 27, 2022.

Does Bruxy Cavey Have Children?

The website of Bruxy states that Bruxy Cavey and his wife are the parents of three daughters. Hamilton, Ontario, is home to the family, where life is peaceful and cheerful. But unfortunately, that is the only online information Bruxy has provided about his wife or daughter.

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In March 2022, following a third party’s discovery of his ongoing sexual harassment of a church member, he was requested to resign his position as a teaching pastor at The Meeting House Church in Oakville, Ontario, where he had served as a pastor for 25 years.

According to a church official, the investigation determined that his actions amounted to sexual harassment and misuse of power. As a result, Cavey was detained and accused of sexual assault in June 2022.

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