It was on the hit show Million Dollar Listing when Bruce Marais and Samir Kabbaj put their house up for sale. It was 2020 when the couple made their purchase.

At long last, they decided to sell the house with the aid of real estate agent Tracy Tutor.

While the couple has decided to sell their house after many years, it is apparent that they have many happy memories associated with the place.

Prospective buyers interested in purchasing a house with character and flair are drawn to the environmentally friendly property.

Seeing what kinds of luxury homes are for sale on shows like “Million Dollar Listing” never gets old. Speculation about who will purchase this stunning property is at an all-time high.

Image Source: Bruce Marais

Is The Couple Selling Their House?

Tracy Tutor is helping Bruce and Samir sell their home on Million Dollar Listing. New York City is where the pair first crossed paths.

Image Source: Bruce Marais

In 2020, the couple will have celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary after getting hitched on June 27, 2014. They’re ready to close this chapter of their lives and start a new one, so they’re selling their home.

Know More About Bruce Marais

Bruce Marais is a multifaceted South African whose birthplace in Durbanville. He is well-versed in several tongues, including Afrikaans, English, Dutch, German, and French.

His Instagram bio states that when he’s not travelling or cooking, he’s exploring new cities and designing stylish interiors. He is also a skilled artist and photographer.

He’d always enjoyed sketching, even as a kid. By age 6, though, he began including the food component in his mixes and displaying an apparent interest in the kitchen.

After that, he pursued his newfound curiosity in art and drawing. He began actively seeking new and exciting experiences at an early age.

As he and a companion trekked from Durbanville to Johannesburg to attend a party, they experienced an adventure they would never forget.

They walked for over a year and have yet to reach their objective, 1400 kilometres away. Following that, he talked about how he wanted to visit every country. He’s travelled to 77 different nations thus far.

After finishing college, he entered a contest to explain a children’s book. He spent a few months at the ski resort working as a server even though he didn’t know how to ski.

He gave skiing two tries, despite his poor balance. He is a skilled cook allowed to work at the prestigious Urbani Truffle School in Italy.

When he started working in the kitchen, he had yet to learn what a pastry chef did, but after that, he was selected to be the Mandeville Hotel’s Chief Pastry Chef. He was so well-versed in the industry that he even tried his luck on the food competition Chopped.

Know More About Samir Kabbaj

Along with his business partner, Samir Kabbaj is an established interior designer. They collaborate to produce strikingly original aesthetics.

His current spouse met him in New York City when he was pursuing a career in cooking, and the two have been together ever since.

To a large extent, he is responsible for his partner’s development of their creative abilities. He knows the value of teamwork and cooperation as an interior designer.

His encouragement and belief in his spouse have been critical to her development and success.
He is a practising Muslim who celebrated his mother’s 75th birthday by wishing her a good Eid holiday.

The designer is also passionate about exploring new locations with his travel buddy. On March 5, 2021, he had a birthday party at the scenic Knysna Elephant Park.

Their Beautiful Botanical-Themed House

The couple just had their magnificent botanical-themed eco-friendly home featured on the TV show Million Dollar Listing. The show’s realtor, Tracy Tutor, has sold the property for $7,495,000.

In the episode “Commission Omission,” Tutor talked to the sellers and the designer about their paradise and how it had changed from its earlier days.

Their fans went wild over their gorgeous, tree-filled, environmentally friendly home. The couple paid $5,500,000 for the house in 2020, and after redecorating it, they decided to sell it the following year.

Although the couple is now ready to move on to other environmentally responsible endeavours, the realtor and her staff are hard at work trying to find the ideal buyer for the home.

Image Source: Guest of a Guest

Bruce prepared their guests for a lovely dinner party with a botanical theme they hosted to show off the house.

The real estate agent threw a party for those who would appreciate the couple’s creative vision and taste in decor.

In January 2023, Tutor highlighted a second Moroccan-inspired Los Angeles, California, residence at 1743 N Curson Avenue and created by South African designer Marais.

Due to the couple’s well-deserved reputation for producing stunning and original interior designs, this new listing was anticipated to attract much attention.

Net Worth Of Bruce And Samir

Together, Bruce and Samir are worth $2 million. Bruce and Samir are financially stable since they are successful interior designers.

According to Forbes, inside designers, depending on their level of expertise, can charge anything from $50 to $500 an hour.

Because of the potential for above-average earnings, designers tend to stay in the sector for the long haul. The typical fee for a designer is roughly $5,200 (not including the cost of the furnishings).

Bruce and Samir are both designers, and they supplement their income by creating pieces for the furniture line of Room 13 Collection, a firm run by Bruce’s family.

Due to his participation in several other services, the chef makes a substantially larger salary than his life partner. He was the Chief Pastry Chef, with an annual salary of $64,710.

Bruce and Samir’s eco-friendly home, which they purchased in 2020 for $5,500,000, has just been sold for $7,495,000. They are also prepared to part with their house and focus on environmentally friendly initiatives.

In addition, Bruce has a history of supplementary income thanks to his participation in the American Food Network show Chopped.

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