Senior editor Brook Smith leads the writing staff responsible for covering Dodgers Nation. 

Despite rumors to the contrary, Brook Smith has not yet been sacked by the Dodgers Nation.

Brook has a lot more opportunities to grow and learn through sports. But unfortunately, Brook and Michel Janse have also split up. Michel divorced Brook Smith after she betrayed him and put her in danger physically.

Brook Smith Dodgers Nation Fired: Divorced With Michel Janse, Relationship, Family, And Net Worth Details
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American actress and YouTuber Michel Janse are well-known for sharing frequent updates on her life on her channel. Learn more about Michel in detail.

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Brook Smith Dodgers Nation Fired Details

Although Brook Smith was allegedly fired from Dodgers Nation, an inquiry is still ongoing.

Dodgers Nation, however, tweeted on August 25, 2022, “Due to recent events, we have chosen to place Brook Smith on temporary leave while our management team looks into the subject at hand.”

Additionally, the Dodgers Nation owner declared, “After additional research in light of the claims and accusations, I have chosen to sever our relationship with Brook Smith immediately.

We cannot disclose any details due to the nature of the claims, but we want to reassure our community that we moved quickly as soon as the information provided to us this morning was confirmed.

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Image Source: – is a Los Angeles-based company that covers sports, particularly baseball and the Dodgers.

The nicest part about Dodgers Nation is that it offers more than just sports news; it also provides a platform for locals to share their opinions.

As senior editor, Brooke Smith oversaw the writing staff and ensured that the content was updated with the hottest themes.

Is Brook Smith Divorced With Michel Janse?

In March 2022, Michel Janse discussed Brook Smith’s divorce and extramarital affairs on her YouTube channel.

Janse is a well-known American actress and YouTuber known for sharing videos and making updates on her life on the platform.

Michel discussed her marriage in a 33-minute video outlining how it began and what went wrong.

Janse, who described her divorce, claimed that her spouse took advantage of her during their union to the point where she believed her error was to blame for everything going wrong.

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She admitted that Brook had cheated on her and that the relationship had made her feel physically unsafe.

The YouTuber revealed her ex-husband Brook Smith’s infidelity in a March 2022 video when she discussed their divorce.

In the movie, the actress also mentioned that problems started to develop about a year and a half before their divorce. Smith then began acting strangely, dominating her and disturbing her.

Michel filed for divorce and ultimately won it after being misled and receiving threats in the form of physical violence.

Smith’s Relationship, Children, And Family

Michel Janse, an actress, and Brook Smith were previously wed. After spending time together, the pair, who met through a dating app, discovered they were in love.

The actress had earlier played for her audience a video from her YouTube channel titled “How I Met My Husband.”

On her many social media platforms, Janse provided updates about every event, including the wedding, engagement, and excitement.

The film talks about the connection she had with Brooke and their courtship. When she was 18, she moved to Los Angeles because of a previous romance.

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The couple is without kids, though. On the other hand, the rumors claim that some fans have speculated about a potential romance between Smith and Ari Tata.

There isn’t any concrete proof to back up this association. On Guru Gossiper, some fans brought up Ari Tata during their discussion of Michel’s separation from Smith and their breakup.

Observing those talks has led many people to wonder whether Smith and Tata have patched things up after their breakup.

Brook Smith Net Worth Explored

The value of Brook Smith is being investigated. Brook may have made a substantial sum of money given that he was a senior editor for the Dodgers Smith.

Smith had always intended to become a teacher, but circumstances caused him to climb the corporate ladder at a corporation fast while attending night classes to finish his degree.

He began writing blogs on his website and in his spare time about baseball and sports. He spoke with’s inventor and founder, Gary Lee.

He was intrigued by Smith’s portfolio and hired him as the Senior Editor for the Dodgers’ writing staff.

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