Roy Hackett

Roy Hackett, a “humble freedom fighter” and civil rights leader, passed away at the age of 93.

Mr Hackett, one of the campaign’s organizers, is no longer alive. The battle to end the Bristol Omnibus Company’s ban on recruiting black and Asian drivers and conductors were successful.

Many people from Bristol have sent their condolences to the grieving family.

Wikipedia Of Roy Hackett: Bristol Civil Rights Leader

Roy Hackett overcame obstacles and rose to prominence as a civil rights and local hero during a time when racism was pervasive.

He took part in the country’s first boycott of this nature and is best known for spearheading the Bristol Bus Boycott, which attracted a lot of media attention.

He asserted that before relocating to Bristol, he lived in a number of cities and never experienced bias to the same degree.


Roy was a founding member of the West Indian West Indian Parents’ and Friends’ Association (WIPFA), which later became the Commonwealth Co-ordinated Committee (CCC), and which was created to address concerns with local authorities and provide a support network.
Among its many other accomplishments over the years, the association founded and presently manages the St. Paul’s Carnival, formerly known as the St. Paul’s Festival and currently one of the most important events on Bristol’s cultural calendar.

He has referred to his early years in the UK as “dog life,” yet they have left a lasting impression on him.

With his work, Mr Hackett, a self-described “born activist,” inspired many others and continues to affect change in the community.

He received praise from the Jamaican High Commissioner for his outstanding contributions to his community, and in 1993 at Bristol Cathedral, the Queen presented him with Maundy Money.

How Old Was Roy Hackett When He Passed Away?

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At the time of his passing, the British civil rights pioneer was 93 years old. He was born in Jamaica in 1928.

In 1963, it was entirely legal for businesses in Britain to discriminate against a customer based on the colour of their skin.

In that year, Mr Hackett worked on the boycott alongside campaigners Guy Bailey, Paul Stephenson, and Owen Henry. In reaction to the protests, the company altered its stance, which also helped to establish the 1965 and 1968 Race Relations Acts.

Roy Hackett Wife

Ena, his childhood sweetheart, relocated to Bristol in 1958, and Roy Hackett married her in 1959.

A daughter was a blessing for the couple. Hackett had a kid from a prior relationship in Jamaica, and he and the mother both watched out for her.

Mr Hackett, a co-founder of the Commonwealth Coordinated Committee that started the St. Paul’s Carnival in 1968, leaves behind three children.

The loss of him has left the family in great sorrow. They could need more time to process his passing.

Roy Hackett Death Cause

At age 93, Bristol civil rights leader Roy Hackett passed yesterday, and condolences have been pouring in.

In response to the Bristol Bus Company’s refusal to hire black drivers and conductors, the activists’ battle against racism culminated in the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963. After that, the ban was lifted.

Tributes have been shared all across the world since the news of his passing spread, with many doing so on social media.

In a statement published online, Bristol’s Lord Mayor, Paula O’Rourke, expressed her sorrow at Roy Hackett’s demise. Hackett was the impetus behind both the establishment of St. Paul’s Carnival and the 1963 Bristol bus boycott.

Unknown is the cause of death. However, the disease that might have developed as a result of his advanced age (93) could be to blame.

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