Brian MacKinnon Age, Family, Wikipedia, And Where Is He Now?

The adult male Brian MacKinnon successfully passed himself off as a teenager named Brandon Lee by enrolling in Bearsden Academy as a fifth-year student and claiming to be a 17-year-old from Canada.

For the entire 1993–1994 school year, Brian persuaded his Scottish high school classmates and teachers that he was simply a regular student.

Before his covert existence was uncovered, he obtained a five-grade A upper and a place to study medicine at the University of Dundee.

Jono McLeod’s documentary, which tells the tale of MacKinnon’s genuine desire to become a doctor, was published in January of this year. In My Old School, Brian lies to his former classmates and professors.

In 1993, MacKinnon pretended to be Brandon Lee and enrolled as a fifth-year student at his previous school. He was 30 years old.

Brian MacKinnon Age, Family, Wikipedia, And Where Is He Now?
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MacKinnon asked that the movie not include any footage of his face. As a result, Scottish actor Alan Cumming lip-synced his testimony.

Brian MacKinnon Age And Wikipedia

On June 4, 1963, Brian MacKinnon, a Scotsman most known for returning to medical school by impersonating a teenage Brandon Lee, was born.

He was expelled from the University of Glasgow, studying medicine after failing his exams.

Between 1974 through 1980, MacKinnon attended Bearsden Academy and earned marks that qualified him to pursue a medical degree at a university.

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However, due to his condition, he was forced to abandon the course in 1983 after failing the tests.

He adopted the character of Canadian youth Brandon Lee, an orphaned teenager living with his grandmother, to repeat his Highers to get around his academic records and try again to become a doctor because he was determined to become one.

Brian MacKinnon Family Details

In 1963, Brian was born to Scottish parents. During his senior year of high school, he resided at his family’s home in Glasgow. His parents’ names and identities are currently kept a secret.

He reportedly resided at his mother’s home in Glasgow while he pretended to be a youngster named Brandon Lee to reapply for medical school.

Rhesus Negative’s autobiography contains further details about him and his family.

Where Is Brian MacKinnon Now?

As a failed medical student at Glasgow University named Brandon Lee, Brian MacKinnon visited his former high school in 1993.

He is currently the subject of the brand-new film My Old School, in which Alan Cumming plays the lead.

Brian, now a recluse, hasn’t been seen or heard much in public since his lie made headlines around the world in 1995. According to the Daily Mail UK, McKinnon allegedly lives alone in a one-bedroom apartment in Glasgow.

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The same report claims that 58-year-old MacKinnon, unemployed and living alone, has remained close to Bearsden. He occasionally goes to the neighbourhood library and grocery shop.

He used to work at a nearby industrial park but quit after being attacked by a group of men. In 1997, he authored and posted his autobiography online. He will be publishing an updated edition the following year.

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