Brett Savage Death: Find His Death Cause
Image Source: Belfast Telegraph

With Brett Savage’s passing, the problem of army veterans battling with their mental health after their service is over was brought to light.

Numerous folks had urged concerned authorities to aid those who had defended their nation.

Army veteran from Ireland named Brett Savage, unfortunately, passed away in September 2020. His passing devastated both his family and the neighborhood.

Brett Savage Death Cause

A veteran of the Irish army named Brett Savage, his death shocked many. After his duty in Afghanistan was over, he developed PTSD.

He made an effort to fight the mental issues he was having but ultimately failed.ย His parents said that the Ministry of Defense had fallen short in its efforts to assist younger veterans like their son.

They claimed that while in the Army, they adhere to a rigid schedule for meals and other activities, but that after being discharged, their lives change significantly.

They are unable to control their emotions as a result, including their fury. They need counseling and help because they are unable to control their emotions of fury, despair, and trauma.

However, there was no support offered, and as a result, their son ended his life.

Who Is Brett Savage?

Brett Savage spent time in Afghanistan while in the Army. In 2006, 300 Taliban insurgents launched the epic 55-day Siege of Musa Qala in Afghanistan. Only a small handful of soldiers, including him, managed to survive.

Additionally, he was under the direction of Ulster Unionist MLA and former soldier Doug Beattie, who served in Belfast’s army reserve.

He had PTSD once his service was over. But he was passionate about aiding those who were going through similar hardships. He pushed for better care for soldiers who, like him, suffered from PTSD as a result of their service.

He took part in the 2016 BBC Northern Ireland radio documentary Losing the Battle, according to BBC. The episode examined some of the mental health problems that many young soldiers in Northern Ireland are experiencing as a result of their service in recent wars.

Brett Savage Royal Irish Regiment

When Brett Savage enlisted in the Royal Irish Regiment, he was 16 years old. He performed his service there. He was a war hero, but that distinction had a cost.

Even after his time in the military had come to an end, the anger, despair, and trauma from the conflict still lingered in him. Tragically, he took his own life at the age of 32.

When the then-29-year-military old’s service with the Royal Irish Regiment in Afghanistan came to a close, he reflected on his post-war problems. Unfortunately, despite his battle with his inner demons, he was unable to put an end to the suffering, and ultimately, in 2020, he committed suicide.

His death was found at home, and his parents repeatedly told others about him so that no other combat hero would fall victim to their inner demons.

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