Why Was Bret Michaels Hospitalized? His Health Update Wife Kristi Gibson And Daughter Details

Why Was Bret Michaels Hospitalized? His Health Update Wife Kristi Gibson And Daughter Details

Bret Michaels, brought to a hospital in Nashville on Thursday night moments before he was scheduled to perform with his band, Poison, is the ex-husband of Kristi Gibson.

As the lead singer of the rock band Poison, which has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and 15 million singles in the US alone, Bret Michaels first rose to fame.

The group has also charted ten singles in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including the number-one single “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and six other Top 10 hits.

Why Was Bret Michaels Hospitalized?

Shortly before Bret Michaels was scheduled to perform with his band, Poison, he was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Nashville on Thursday night.

Bret Michaels, the lead singer of Poison, expressed regret to his followers after postponing a Nashville concert due to an “unforeseen medical emergency.”

After learning of his hospitalization on Friday, the 59-year-old artist thanked his Instagram followers for their “well wishes” in the following hours.

Before the performance, Michaels’ bandmates told the audience the awful news, claiming they wouldn’t be able to perform without him.

Bret Michaels Health Update

Bret Michaels was recently hospitalized, and his condition is gradually getting better. However, it’s questionable whether Michaels will be able to perform with his band during the next gigs.

Michaels has endured a protracted battle with his health. He has lived most of his life with type 2 diabetes.

In 2010, Bret underwent surgery for a brain hemorrhage. Shortly after, he underwent another procedure to close a hole in his heart caused by a mini-stroke.

Longtime buddy and bandmate Pete Evick revealed to followers that he had two stents put in his body against the doctor’s advice and started playing again immediately.

Bret Michaels Wife Kristi Gibson And Relationship Details

Bret Michaels, an American actor, and musician, divorced his ex-wife, Kristi Gibson. In 1996, Bret and Kristi began dating.

Michaels proposed to Kristi Lynn Gibson, his intermittent girlfriend of 16 years. However, he revealed that they split up in July 2012.


The couple’s love strengthened as they welcomed a daughter named Raine Michaels into the world in 2000. Unfortunately, Bret had to deal with several difficulties as the family grew, including a cerebral hemorrhage in early 2010 and an urgent appendectomy.

On occasion, Gibson and Michaels have posted pictures of one another on social media.

Bret Michaels Children: Jorja Bleu And Raine Elizabeth

Bret Michaels is the father of Jorja Bleu and Raine Elizabeth. Bret and Kristi welcomed another daughter, Jorja Bleu Michaels, in 2005, five years after having Raine.

Raine, their oldest child, is a rising model. Her agency is ONE Model Management, and she was a finalist for the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.


Raine, Jorja Bleu, their youngest daughter, is a gifted young woman. She and her father, Bret, co-wrote the song “Unbroken” in 2019.

Bret’s daughter Raine entered the modeling world in July 2018 and made an incredible debut. At the yearly fashion show, more than 25,000 ladies selected the gorgeous diva to walk down the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Paraiso runway.

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