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Bret Michaels has been rocking out for 40 years and most of his age with the well-known band Poison since 1983.

Anyone who actually cares about 80s rock bands knows that Bret is basically Poison’s face. But in order to do this, the singer of the well-known song “Custom Built” had to create a brand.

This musician has found that presenting himself with a wacky hairstyle works wonders for differentiating himself from the crowd.

After all, Brett is the man with the red bandana, and everyone knows him. And he seldom ever appears without his signature hairstyle.

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Bret Michaels Age Details

Bret Michales is currently at the age of 59 years old according to his Wikipedia profile.

Michaels was born Bret Michael Sychak on March 15, 1963, in Butler, Pennsylvania, a city north of Pittsburgh. He was raised in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

He was a student at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High. His sisters are Nicole and Michelle. He asserts that his parents had meant for him to be given the middle name “Maverick” from the beginning.

Nick Sychak, Bret’s great-uncle, participated in the invasion of Normandy at Omaha Beach and was fatally wounded in 1944.

When Michaels was 6 years old, he became ill, and during a three-week hospital stay, he was given the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.

Know About Bret Michaels Hair

Bret Michaels could have to change how he looks for good. The performer’s long blond hair and red bandana have been linked with him for almost 40 years, but that look may no longer be in the cards.

However, the truth is that he is not the same young man who first stood up on stage. When Bret got his first break in 1983, he was only twenty years old.

Bret, like many men his age, is struggling with hair loss now that he is almost fifty-seven. According to a Hair-Line Ink tale, Bret has been able to hide his problem for so long due to his red bandana.

Any early hints of impending baldness might be concealed with a carefully placed hair accessory. If not always, then temporarily.

In the long run, though, a bandana won’t be able to hide a completely bald head. The solution makes a lot of sense to hair professionals, despite the fact that some people might find it strange.

Bret utilizes hair extensions as a tactic to keep from losing all of his youthful appearance as he ages.

Is Bret Michaels Bald Without Wig?

Michael is bald without a wig, according to a Rolling Stone article from February 21, 2008. He must be balding behind that bandana, we can all agree on that.

To give the impression that he has a full head of hair, he probably pulls a Hulk Hogan and wears his hair long around the sides. However, we have only seen him in a few scenes on the rock of love wearing the bandana as a headband, leading us to believe that it was a wig.

After being transported to the hospital on April 21 due to a brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels revealed in his first broadcast interview on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that he wore his recognizable bandana the entire time.

Bret has a reality program where he searches for love and has featured on Celebrity Apprentice (twice). Due to serious health problems, it was believed he had passed away, yet he is again flourishing and traveling once more.

He was once a real bad boy, but his most recent health emergency has forced him to change for the better. He even got in touch with his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend again (his baby mama).

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