Season 12 introduced us to Bree Savage, a newbie diver with Bering Sea Gold. As of the third episode, Bree had her first dive.

In reality show Bering Sea Gold, numerous fans brave the harsh northern climate, hostile marine environment, and shallow depths in search of gold and other riches.

It’s filmed near Nome, Alaska, on Norton Sound and airs on Discovery Channel. Seasons of dredging throughout the summer and the spring are included in the series. In their quest for gold, the teams employ boats fitted with various configurations.

It’s better than Dark Gold, Gold Rush Alaska, and Deadliest Catch since it has real gold miners, expert divers, mechanics, dredge owners, captains, and engineers working in teams to dig the ocean floor for gold utilizing boats and poor equipment.

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Bree Savage: Know More About Her

Season 12, Episode 3 of Bering Sea Gold, introduced Bree Savage as a new diver for Kris Kelly and the company. In 2023, Bree made a return appearance.

The airdate of the episode, titled Sweet Child mining, is May 29, 2020. Kelly throws his new, inexperienced diver overboard in this episode. Afraid and thrilled, Savage prepared for her first dive in the show.

Even though it was not a very long first dive, she became overcome with anxiety and began to breathe heavily. Kelly told her to “slow down and relax” since she was panting heavily.

As soon as she finishes, she yells, “Pull me up!” Help me climb! Fast!” Then, the group hears a flurry of indecipherable cries of terror. Kelly begins dragging her immediately, and she arrives in time for the service.

On September 4, Episode 16 aired, and Savage made an appearance. The Reaper crew faces a significant obstacle in this episode.

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The Kellys learned of a promising gold-mining location, but their efforts need to be improved by technological issues.

Kelly then dispatches Savage, a somewhat inexperienced underwater diver, on a reconnaissance mission to locate the bottleneck and get things moving again.

The Kelly brothers and their father start a skirmish inside the cabin as she tries to locate the obstruction’s source.

After that, she has problems with the dredging operation. Savage does her best with Kelly’s assistance to pinpoint the source of the problem but ultimately discovers “a rock jam from hell.”

Kelly is confident in Savage’s work, but Andy and Brad are not, and this causes conflict in this episode of Bering Sea Gold.

Six Facts To Know About Bree Savage

  1. Savage first appeared on Bearing Sea Gold on May 29, 2020, in Episode 3 of Season 12 (titled “Sweet Child mining”).
  2. Based on her appearances and behaviour on the Discovery Channel’s reality show, Bree is likely in her early 20s.
  3. Bree reassured the Kellys that she was ready to dive, and the team then set off for Fort Davis in search of pay raises.
  4. At the end of her first dive, the inexperienced swimmer panicked and had to be rescued. Her first dive was a terrifying experience.
  5. On September 4, when the dredge’s suction had ceased operating, she made her next appearance and attempted to locate the jam underwater.
  6. Savage, according to her IMDb page, appeared in the season 13 episode 11 archival material for the Nome-inees.

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