HyperSocial’s CEO: Braden Wallake Salary, Net Worth, LinkedIn Profile And Crying Selfie Details

Braden Wallake
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CEO of HyperSocial Barden Wallaken is now making news for uploading a selfie of himself sobbing online. In part below, it is described in more detail how much the CEO makes and how much money he is worth.

Internet marketing company CEO faced significant backlash on social media after posting a “cringe-worthy” selfie on LinkedIn of Barden Wallaken crying as he announced layoffs.

The dismissal of the company’s employees was disclosed by HyperSocial CEO Braden Wallake in a protracted, tearful rant to employees on LinkedIn. A marketing services provider called HyperSocial has offices in Columbus, Ohio.

An unknown number of employees were laid off by the business.

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How Much Does Braden Wallake Earn? CEO Of HyperSocial Net Worth

The CEO of HyperSocial, Braden Wallake, is thought to have a net worth of about $1 million. However, it could be more or less as he hasn’t disclosed his real online income.

Braden Wallake
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He does not, however, work for just one. He also serves as HyperSphere’s CEO.

Additionally, he is highly active on his social media accounts. He has around 36.5k followers on Instagram under the handle @wallakebraden. There, he writes both about his professional and personal lives.

Linkedin Profile Of Braden Wallake

According to Braden Wallake’s LinkedIn profile, he is the CEO of both HyperSphere and HyperSocial. He has identified himself as a five-time college dropout who works in B2B sales and marketing.

The CEO discusses entrepreneurship, b2b sales, b2b marketing, and LinkedIn for business there.

He is presently a resident of Columbus, Ohio, in the United States.

Braden, who was studying Communication and Media Studies at The Ohio State University, dropped out.

Wallake also holds certifications for Zapier Expert and HubSpot’s Sales Software. He has more than 500 contacts there, and he has a following of over 32,379 people.

Selfie Of The CEO Braden Wallake Crying

After sharing a selfie of himself crying while letting go of employees, HyperSocial CEO Braden Wallake faced backlash on social media.

Braden Wallake
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Ohio-based HyperSocial is a marketing company. Wallake uploaded a picture along with a lengthy explanation of the reasons behind the layoffs.

The LinkedIn page for the company states that HyperSocial was founded in 2019 and once employed up to 50 individuals.

Regarding The New York Post, Wallake announced his intention to fire the staff in a lengthy post on LinkedIn, describing how difficult the situation was for him to manage.

When the photograph quickly spread to numerous other social networking sites, many people believed it to be a Wallake marketing ploy.

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