American boxer Kelly Pavlik has a net worth of $6 million. 

His large Ohio home doubles as a gym and a training space. Kelly, a former boxer with a 12-year professional career, competed between 2000 and 2012.

He won each of his 26 matches after turning pro in 2000. He proposed a match for the vacant NABF Middleweight belt with Fulgencio Ziga.

In the eighth round, Pavlik defeated Jose Luis Zertuche to secure his second and last NABF Middleweight championship defence.

When Pavlik landed with a right hand that halted Zertuche in his tracks and an uppercut that knocked him to the ground, the action-packed fight came to a conclusion.

He kept going forward, coming and going, never getting into a pointless argument. Jack Loew of the Youngstown South Side Boxing Gym has been training Pavlik.

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How Rich Is Kelly Pavlik? His Earnings And Net Worth

Kelly Pavlik’s boxing career has contributed to his net worth of more than $6 million. He was a former American professional boxer who won the Lineal, WBC, Ring, and WBO middleweight championships.

Kelly successfully defended the titles three times before being defeated by Sergio Martnez in 2010. During the course of his boxing career, he prevailed in 40 of his 42 fights, with knockouts accounting for 34 of those victories.

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At the Covelli Center in his hometown on November 2, 2006, Pavlik defeated Lenord Pierre in the main event. In the first round, Pierre was defeated by Pavlik’s right hand, and in rounds two and three, he was repeatedly rocked.

In his second and final effort to defend his NABF Middleweight championship, Pavlik prevailed against Jose Luis Zertuche in the eighth round. Zertuche was stopped in his tracks and knocked face-first to the ground when he was struck by him with his right hand.

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Kelly Pavlik Sponsorship Details

In combination with the boxing podcast “The Punchline with Kelly Pavlik and James Dominguez,” 3rdNut announces a partnership for combat sports.

The Punchline is a podcast that Kelly and co-host James Dominguez launched in 2017 to provide a forum for “unscripted and on purpose” discussion of all facets of the boxing industry.

Exploring Kelly Pavlik Luxurious Lifestyle

Kelly Pavlik is the proprietor of a gym and training facility in Youngstown, Ohio.

After leaving the ring, the former professional boxer continued to be active. He co-hosted the podcast “The Punchline” with James Dominguez, and the two of them also started their own gym.

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His main objective is to spread knowledge about the sport that has grown to be his love among the young people in the Valley and the surrounding area. Kelly is still seeking a place for his new boxing gym in Mahoning County.

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Where Does Kelly Pavlik Live?

Kelly resides in a lavish, well-furnished home. He uploaded a video of himself unwinding at home to Instagram on November 20, 2021.

The vistas and surroundings were equally alluring, and he was sitting on a plush sofa. He discussed Shawn Porter and Terence Crawford’s forthcoming battle.

Wikipedia Bio Of Kelly Pavlik

Kelly has received acclaim for leading an honest life from both inside and beyond the boxing community. He still maintains a sizable following after being disqualified from the AC Boxing Hall of Fame ceremony.

He received a letter inviting him to August 22, 2021, induction ceremony from the AC Boxing Hall of Fame. “Had a lovely night at the @acbhof this was all of the Inductees getting together,” he wrote in the caption of a video he uploaded to Instagram.

Although Kelly doesn’t much enjoy racing, he does alter his vehicle according to the season. He prefers to travel in a roomy, friendly vehicle.

He hasn’t shared any images of his car on social media, but he has shared videos of Joshua and their argument in the car. Kelly Pavlik began working out in the gym after giving up boxing.

He has been overseeing Columbiana’s Mi Gym as he mulls over the idea of creating more gyms. He focused on establishing the first boxing and youth-oriented gym in Mahoning County.

The second gym, like Mi Gym in Columbiana, would be accessible to everyone and focus on overall wellness and athlete development. By exposing kids to the sport, Kelly focuses on assisting young people in the Valley and the neighbouring areas.

He is still looking for a location for his new boxing gym in Mahoning County. According to Pavlik, the young participants will complete a few simple exercises at the gym.

Details On Kelly Pavlik Mobile App

Billy Lyell and Kelly, two business partners, have just released a brand-new fitness app called Sweet Science+.

It provides direction, counsel, and suggestions on how to keep up a healthy diet. The users of this kid-friendly program might range in age and skill.

It expands the selection of alternatives available at the Sweet Science Boxing & Fitness centre. Both of them think that boxing is still very well-liked, whether it is as a sport or as a form of physical training.

Exploring Kelly Pavlik Career

There are four middleweight belts in total, and two of them belong to Kelly Pavlik. He has fought 42 times and has a stunning 40 wins to 2 losses record.

He was offered the opportunity to compete against light middleweight champion Sergio Martnez. In his fourth attempt to defend his middleweight belt, Pavlik faced Sergio Martnez.

By spending most of the seventh round headhunting his opponent in an effort to score a strong right, Pavlik was able to force his opponent to submit.

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