Cheryl Hyde, the wife of Boomer Esiason, co-founded the Esiason Foundation. On May 24, 1986, Boomer wed her in a splendid ceremony.

Similar to how Esiason met her, she was a University of Maryland football player. Boomer set a team record in December 1986 when the Bengals beat the New York Jets 52-21, and he threw five touchdown passes.

The Cincinnati Bengals chose Boomer in the second round of the 1984 NFL Draft. Also, he has a brief history with the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Jets.

Esiason received the same honors, being selected to the Pro Bowl four times, a first-team All-Pro selection in 1988, and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award that year.

In 1989, the Bengals won Super Bowl XXIII under his leadership before falling to the San Francisco 49ers.

After quitting football, Esiason transitioned into sports broadcasting for radio and television. He has previously worked for Westwood One, CBS Sports, and ABC Sports.

Boomer Esiason And Cheryl Hyde: Their Married Life And Family Life Revealed
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Boomer Esiason And Cheryl Hyde: Their Married Life

On May 24, 1986, Boomer Esiason wed Cheryl Hyde. Gunnar and Sydney Esiason are Boomer and Cheryl’s two children.

The Boomer Esiason Foundation’s co-chairwoman and co-founder is Cheryl Esiason like Cheryl, who became well-known by dedicating herself to the establishment and growth of her family.

Cheryl started her adventure in 1993 and has been working relentlessly to generate money for charity.

The Boomer Esiason Foundation also provides Boomer and Cheryl with medical insurance. The multimillion-dollar foundation pays the couple a yearly salary of $10,000 apiece.

The meager sum enables them to pay for the charity’s health and disability insurance.

The New York Post claims that in 2010, despite Boomer having three jobs, Cheryl and Boomer were depicted as a couple that contributed 30 hours each week to charity.

In addition, the charity was established in 1994 following the cystic fibrosis diagnosis of his son. The team provided research funds and grants to patients and disease awareness campaigns.

Details On Boomer Esiason Family Life

Norman and Irene Esiason are boomer parents. Norman, a boomer father, was a retired safety engineer for a Manhattan-based insurance firm.

He would assess significant projects, including tunnels, Shea Stadium, skyscrapers, and Madison Square Garden.

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After his partner Irene died of illness when Norman was 6 years old, Norman raised his three children entirely on his own. Norman raised his three children alone and did not remarry.

Also, his father was raised in Philadelphia. His parents were immigrants from Norway and disapproved of Norman’s engagement in athletics.

Boomer’s great-grandfather once observed how Temple football players conducted themselves on a Philadelphia subway train.

According to The New York Times, he pledged that Norman wouldn’t turn into a football tramp and wouldn’t accept the scholarship offer Norman had to play at Georgetown.

Norman enlisted in the military and served in World War II. Upon his return, he was over 21 and no longer required parental consent to accept the award.

Although he injured his knee in the preseason and went to Columbia University’s Graduate School of Management before leaving to marry, he never played for Georgetown. He promised to support their participation in sports if he ever had sons or girls.

While playing sports with Boomer, Norman never interfered with the coaches. Esiason’s father instructed him to calculate batters’ averages from newspapers when he had trouble with math.

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