Bobby Crimp Mother Statement To Swat: Who Is Denise Pesina?

Bobby Crimp Mother Statement To Swat: Who Is Denise Pesina?
Image Source: The Sun

Roberts Pesina, Denise Pesina’s son, is charged with openly firing at a Fourth of July parade, killing six people and wounding over a dozen others.

Shots were fired in Highland Park, Illinois on that terrible day as families gathered to witness the annual parade.

The independence celebration suddenly turned into a picture of horror when spectators heard gunfire.

Bobby Crimp Mother Statement To Swat

After the mass shooting on July 4, the mother of suspect Robert Crimo from Highland Park encountered a SWAT unit.

In addition, a video obtained by CBS News on Monday shows Denise Pesina yelling and gesturing at police in Highland Park’s McDaniels Avenue while a large manhunt for her son is underway.

The unknown is the nature of the fight, but the network reports that Ms. Pesina spent many hours speaking with police after the gunshot during the Fourth of July parade.

The suspect’s father, who absolved himself of any culpability in connection with the suspect’s weapons purchase, reportedly said his son brought up a mass shooting in Denmark the night before carrying out his own slaughter.

Who Is Denise Pesina?

Robert Crimo, the Highland Park shooter who claimed at least six lives, is the son of Denise Pesina. She was noted in the rapper’s obituary, who was 22 years old.

She founded Trilogy Energy Systems, a full-spectrum healing cooperative, and is a holistic health practitioner for it, according to her LinkedIn profile.

According to her company’s website, its goal is to use universal frequencies to reach a wider spectrum of space and time in order to alter thought patterns and cell consistency, which would then unleash new levels of skills and resources.

Denise has a criminal history as well. She was detained in 2015 and accused of domestic assault. She seems to have made a close-knit transition to prison.

Robert Crimp Mother Denise Pesina

The mother of Roberts is Denise. After looking her up on Facebook, people are contacting her online and asking her a ton of questions.

There are several pictures on her profile, but there are no clues indicating the suspect is related to her. She hasn’t shared any photos with her alleged kid, which has led to an online debate about whether or not she is the suspect’s biological mother.

Additionally, the killer’s father is a business owner. He ran for mayor of his town as well, but he was unsuccessful. His opponent’s leftist leanings are credited as the reason for his defeat. He seems to have taken the side of those calling for stronger gun control.

The actions of their son have crushed Denise and her entire family right now. Additionally, neither Robert’s mother nor father takes ownership of their son’s crimes.

In addition, several online users question why Robert’s parents let him have a gun in their house if he was holding one alongside Amos. Due to this, they are becoming increasingly suspicious, and it’s possible that the two of them will also be the subject of an interrogation.

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