The term “Bijî Kurdistan” has been used more frequently lately on Twitter and other social media platforms. Thus, it’s essential to clarify its definition, historical context, and current relevance.

The term “Kurdistan” is probably more well-known than “bijî,” but there is a chance that people who come across both will be unfamiliar with both.

It’s a word that signifies a lot to many people, whether used in a protest situation or to celebrate Kurdish culture.

‘Bijî Kurdistan’ Meaning Explained In Detail

Meaning of ‘Bijî Kurdistan’

The second word will be our first. Kurds have always been the majority of the people who lived in a large area called Kurdistan. In Kurdish, it translates to “country of the Kurds.”

Geographically speaking, the term “Kurdistan” refers to a region of Western Asian Kurdish settlement. It includes approximately the eastern Taurus Mountains and the Zagros Mountains.

According to Britannica, it is unclear what ethnic background the Kurds have. However, they have resided here “from ancient times.”

Bijî, on the other hand, in this context means “Long life,” as in “Long live the queen,” hence the entire phrase (Bijî Kurdistan) means “Long live Kurdistan.”

According to someone who responded to a question on Reddit, the terms “bi” and “jiyan” are combined to form the word “bijî”. Simply put, it means “life.”

Why Is ‘Bijî Kurdistan’ Said?

Parts of what are today Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Armenia are included in the plateau and mountainous region that is known as Kurdistan.

However, these nations’ borders are relatively new in the big picture. The existence of nation-states is a relatively recent development. As a result, sometimes ethnic groups that have lived in a vast area for many years no longer have a homeland that the government organizes.

Kurds are one such group of people. Out of the five countries listed above, only Iran and Iraq officially recognize parts of their own countries, including Kurdistan.

These are the Kurdish autonomous region of Iraq and the northwest Iranian province of Kordestan (Kurdistan is known as this in Persian). Kurds lack political autonomy in the other nation-states they are a part of. Consequently, this is the context from which the term “Bijî Kurdistan” is derived.

Why Are People Talking About Kurdistan?

In recent weeks, Iran has “initiated missile attacks toward Kurdish resistance groups located in neighbouring Iraq,” according to a Financial Times news briefing dated Monday, November 28, 2022.

Iran “blames them for promoting the anti-government rallies in Iran,” according to the Financial Times.

Since Iranian authorities arrested a young Kurdish woman in September, protests have broken out all over the country. Soon after her arrest, she passed away. Mahsa Amini was her given name. The Guardian has more information about her detention and passing here.

According to Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Tehran correspondent for the Financial Times, the Iranian government’s assault on rallies is “particularly harsh in border areas such as Kurdistan in the northwest, which is home to ethnic Kurds.”

The Meaning of Bijî Kurdistan Is Explained In Light of Recent Occurrences

The Iranian security forces’ response to protests in Kurdish-populated areas in the western district of Rojhilat was covered by the Kurdish news outlet Medya News on November 22, 2022.

People have organized donations to the area as a result. One charity organizer describes the situation as “extremely severe” – see tweet below. “People require our assistance.”

They included the words “Bijî Kurdistan” and a hand emoji making the peace sign in their tweet’s (from November 24) signature.

Others have shared pictures of the Kurdistan flag. After the Second World War ended in 1918, the Society for the Rise of Kurdistan designed the flag in 1920.

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