Taunya Pickett is the wife of the YouTuber Bigg Jah. In 2021, they exchanged vows at Marina Banquets and Events in front of their friends and family.

A well-known actor, director, comedian, writer, and influencer from Los Angeles is Bigg Jah, also known as Jahdai Pickett. His sketches’ comic energy, which he infuses into easily recognizable situations, is adored by his audience.

After completing college, Bigg Jah relocated to Los Angeles and began performing stand-up comedy. He worked as a bodyguard and personal trainer in addition to his other employment because his YouTube parody production was inconsistent.

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 Who Is Bigg Jah Wife Taunya Pickett?

YouTube Bigg Jah announced his marriage to Taunya on his Instagram and Twitter accounts on November 24, 2021. He referred to her as Mrs. 2DAMAX at the time, despite the fact that he did not mention her name.

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She is hardly ever featured on Bigg’s Instagram account because the majority of his updates are clips from his YouTube Sketches and other content-related items. Additionally, Taunya uses Instagram, where you may find some of their photographs from weddings.

You may follow @mytime2flourish to find out more about her way of life. She published their final communication on December 2, 2021, her husband Bigg’s birthday. Since that time, the newlyweds have not posted each other. I’m hoping they get along.

Net Worth: How Much Does Big Jah Earn?

Big Jah has a net worth of $633.85K and earns more than $150K annually. (Source: networthspot) On YouTube, Bigg Jah is a well-liked entertainment channel. 1.43 million people are currently subscribers. The American-based channel was established in 2011.

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More than 2.64 million people each month and more than 88.04 thousand people per day watch content on Bigg Jah’s YouTube account. With the help of the adverts on his YouTube channel, Jah makes a fair living.

Additionally, he might make money from sponsors and commercials on his YouTube channel. Another additional source of money for Bigg is through the sale of things online. Despite their wealth, the stand-up comedian and writer make an effort to live decent lives.

How Tall Is Bigg Jah? His Height

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Bigg Jah is 6 feet 3 inches tall. His massive stature and towering height give him the appearance of being enormous, and his imposing physique has led to him being referred to as a heavyweight wrestler on YouTube. He may weigh more than 100 kg due to his massive stature.

Where Is Bigg Jah Now?

Making short films is how Bigg Jah is now establishing himself in the entertainment sector with the help of his enormous fan base.

In addition to his wildly popular social media franchises like “Inner Thoughts” and his most well-known series Tribade Homie, he has developed a convergence map that includes items with a new item published almost monthly, comedic appearances, and more.

Tribade Homie’s second season debuted on August 25. Bruce (Bigg Jah) has put his season one romance behind him and now finds Theresa and himself in yet another unpleasant situation (Persephanii).

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