Punjabi YouTuber Bhaana Sidhu is well known for his channel Chacha Wow Records, where he and his teammates upload comedic videos. 

Most of Bhaana Sidhu’s videos focus on political satire and current social events. However, Bhana is quite blunt and uses humor to make videos about politics and other social concerns.

All of the videos that Bhana Sidhu Chacha Wowo records contain a social message and are humorous.

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Let’s learn more about Bhaana Sidhu Chacha Wow’s life story.

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Bhaana Sidhu Biography Wikipedia

Sidhu Bhaana Previously, Bhaana collaborated with Producer Dxxx to create videos. But because of a misunderstanding on both sides, they stopped working together, and Bhaana started his own YouTube channel called Chacha Wow Records.

Most Bhaana Sidhu comedy humorously uses some profanity, although nowadays, Chacha Wow Record primarily focuses on social issue videos.

Bhaana Sidhu Age, Family, And Relationship

Bhaana Sidhu is 32 years old, and his date of birth is July 4, 1990.

The grandfather of former Bharti Kisan Union Chairman Sardaar Kartar Singh is Bhaana Sidhu.

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All of Bhaana Sidhu’s videos were shot in his hometown of Kotduna. All of Bhaana Sidhu’s videos are directed, acted in, and produced by him.

Additionally, Bhaana Sidhu belongs to the Bharti Kisan Union (BKU). Additionally, a social worker, Bhaana Sidhu. Young Congress is linked to Bhaana Sidhu.

The famous Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala is very close to the infamous comedian and YouTuber Bhaana Sidhu Chacha Wowo, and the two have spent much time together.

Because they both come from nearby villages, Bhaana Sidhu and Sidhu Moosewala get along well and participate in the Kisaan Andolan together.

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