Ishara Yar, played by actress Beth Toussaint, is Tasha Yar’s sister. Before making an appearance in a television series, Beth was a model.

She additionally had appearances in the 1980s music videos for songs including She Don’t Know Me, Like a Rock, Only Time Will Tell, and Big Mistake.

Compared to Tasha, Ishara Yar’s story in Star Trek is brief. Fans are worried about the woman who played Ishara Yar and how she is acting.

Fans continue to talk about how disappointed they were that she left the Star Trek crew. They even created a discussion about it in the r/startrek section of Reddit.

Beth Toussaint
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Beth Toussaint As Tasha Yar’s Sister Ishara Yar In Star Trek

Beth Toussiant played Ishara Yar, a human female born on Turkana IV in the 24th century, or 2342.

Soon after she was born, her parents died. After their parents passed away and the people who were looking after them vanished, she and her older sister Natasha (Tasha) Yar were left alone.

Ishara joined the Turkana IV Coalition once she was of age. Tasha, nevertheless, her sister, fled the world after that. Ishara refused Tasha’s request to accompany her.

Ishara declined since she saw the Coalition members as her family. She regarded Tasha’s decision to depart as cowardly.

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The Turkana IV coalition to the finish employed her. She was unsuccessful in her attempt to destroy a fusion reactor so that the Coalition could invade the Alliance’s territory.

That is how her story unfolds in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Legacy. She is also briefly addressed in the first episodes of Q-Squared and Star Trek: Voyager.

Who Is Beth Toussaint?

Beth Toussaint was born to Maynard and Leona Toussaint on September 25, 1952. In Pleasant Hill, California, she went to Pleasant Hill High School.

She attended Duke University, where she received her degree, and afterwards, California College of the Arts.

Her older brother is David Toussaint, an American author, commentator, playwright, and theater critic. Actress and model Beth Toussaint is from the United States.

In the 1987 film Berserker, she made her acting debut in the role of Shelly. After that, she appeared in almost thirty films, TV shows, and soap operas before quitting acting in 2006.

After appearing as Hope Adams Wilson in the 2006 television series The Young and the Restless, she ended her acting career.

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What is Beth Toussaint Doing Now?

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Actress Beth Toussaint is currently retired and largely concentrates on her family. She presently works in design and photography.

On June 21, 1996, she wed actor Jack Coleman. Jake Coleman is still working as an actor. Tess Coleman was born to Jake and Beth three years after their wedding.

Tess Coleman also has acting experience. She made an appearance in the Wes Craven movie Red Eye from 2005. By June 30, 2022, she will be 23 years old. On her Instagram, Beth wished her a happy birthday.

On September 25, Beth Toussiant also celebrated her birthday. As of 2022, she is 60 years old.

She had three discs replaced in her cervical spine during surgery and has just recently healed. She had been suffering from excruciating head and spinal pain, which eventually required this surgery.

Beth Toussiant told her friends and family that she was grateful for their help during this hard time.

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