What Happened To Ben Weston On Days Of Our Lives? Is Robert Scott Wilson Leaving The Show?
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Over time, “Days of Our Lives” fans have grown to adore Robert Scott Wilson. Before he departed from Salem with his wife Ciara Brady in early July 2022, the actor had played Ben Weston for seven years. Find out more in this article.

Many viewers have been captivated by Wilson and Konefal’s heartwarming love story. Ben’s story, though, has the audience spellbound in a certain way.

To the dismay of fans, Ben Weston and Ciara Brady, the fan-favorite super couple portrayed by Robert Scott Wilson and Victoria Konefal, were officially leaving the NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives.”

 Ben Weston From Days Of Our Lives: What Happened To Him?

Regular watchers of “Days of Our Lives” over the past few years know that Ben Weston and Ciara Brady’s relationship hasn’t always been straightforward.

Robert Scott Wilson plays the fictional character of Ben Weston in the American soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” In 2014, Justin Gaston played Ben Rogers and the first version of the essence. He was introduced as Abigail Deveraux, Kate Mansi’s new love interest. Still, it was later revealed that he was Jordan Ridgeway’s estranged brother.

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Ben was hired to play Abigail Deveraux’s potential love interest, but by late 2015, he had transformed into The Necktie Murderer, an obsessed, deranged serial killer.

When Dr. Marlena Evans discovered that he was sane years later, he was also allowed to leave Bayview Sanitarium in 2018. He then started dating Ciara Brady, the daughter of Bo and Hope Brady.

The couple was given the moniker “Cin,” and they quickly ascended to the top of the list of the most famous couples (via Celebrating The Soaps). Of course, everyone adored Ben and Ciara, but in July 2022, the pair decided to leave Salem with their newborn child to embark on an exciting voyage.

Is Robert Scott Wilson Leaving The Show?

One of the longest-running soap operas in history, Days of Our Lives, has been airing for more than 55 years with a constantly changing cast.

Ben Weston’s on-screen persona, Robert Scott Wilson, confirmed his departure from the program. The episode that debuted on July 8 will mark his final appearance as Ben. They did not, however, murder him. Therefore, there is a possibility that the show’s creators will revive the characters at a later date with new character arcs.

In a TV Insider interview, Wilson hinted that he would return in a different capacity and for a different plot. Meanwhile, some fans are skeptical that Alex will succeed Ben in a smooth transition.

Wilson will officially return as Alexander Kiriakis, according to the most recent “Days of Our Lives” previews and spoilers shared on Twitter. Judi Evans, who plays Bonnie Lockhart on the show, gave fans a sneak peek at the scene last week on Instagram.

“It’s going to be difficult to see Rob playing a different role when most people still identify him as Ben Weston,” one Twitter user said of Wilson’s new role.

Is Ben Weston “The Necktie Killer”?

On September 24, 2015, Ben was identified as “The Necktie Killer” after being seen on camera discarding evidence into a river.

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When Will realizes Ben was the murderer in October 2015, Ben strangles him to death. Ben accuses Chad of murdering the victim once more. Ben beats Chad to death when he approaches him after understanding he is the murderer.

After Abby gives birth, Ben later shoots Wendy and bury’s her in the woods. Ben locks them in, sets the cabin on fire, and flees with the baby, whom he has named Colin until Chad intervenes to save Abby.

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