Season 10 of Bravo TV’s Below Deck features a new guest, Peng Lim, from The Accounting Factor. Peng started his own company.

He’s a businessman who likes to live a luxurious life, so Below Deck is an excellent show for him. The lives of the crew members on an opulent yacht during the charter season will be shown in Below Deck.

No matter how outlandish the demands become, the crew members are in charge of handling them all. Crew members must balance their personal lives with taking care of their guests.

The show is entertaining and enjoyable for the viewers to watch. Peng Ling will appear in the new reality television program, and we will learn more about him through it.

Below Deck Season 10 Has A New Guest: Peng Lim Bio, Wikipedia, Age, And Facts Related To Him
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Peng Lim Bio, Wikipedia

The Accounting Factor, the business Peng Lim founded on Below Deck, began as a tax preparation service.

Before starting that business, he worked for a reputable CPA firm. He then started his first accounting firm.

He sold it and then founded his most recent business. Peng studied at the University of Utah, according to his LinkedIn profile. His current accounting firm highly values client satisfaction, precision, efficacy, and fair pricing.

His Instagram account shows that Peng likes to go out and hang out with his many friends. He likes to buy expensive clothes, drink expensive drinks, and go on expensive vacations. He has made a lot of international and domestic travel.

Lim is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah. Peng’s birthday party got rowdier than it appeared on television during Below Deck season 10. Both men and women have worn Playboy rabbit costumes.

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Peng Lim also likes to dance, in case that needs to be clarified during the performance. He also enjoys the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City a lot.

Heather, one of the television show’s housewives, is a charter guest on the first season of Below Deck Adventure.

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Peng Lim Age And Other Facts

Peng Lim is in his thirties now, but he still looks young. He hasn’t stated his age, but based on his pictures, he seems to be in his thirties.

The Accounting Factor is a tax preparation business founded and run by Lim, a very successful businessman and accountant.

In 1999, Peng began his career as an intern at a CPA firm that served the tax sector. After that, his career quickly took off, and he eventually started his own business after gaining years of industry experience.

According to his way of life, Peng enjoys leading a prosperous life and can support it. Therefore, it is clear that Peng earns a sizable sum of money throughout his career.

For its tenth season, Peng has joined the cast of the new television program Below Deck. He is a guest on the deck, served by several other cast members in the BravoTV original series.

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