Baratunde Thurston's Wife Elizabeth Stewart Age Gap Net Worth And Family Background
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Elizabeth Stewart is the wife of Baratunde Thurston and a co-host of America Outdoors on PBS.

Elizabeth Stewart, a well-known American stylist, has been on the red carpet and collaborated with businesses.

She served as the New York Times Magazine’s style icon for twelve years and the WWD and W magazines’ glamour icon for ten more.

The fashion editor also worked with Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, and Jessica Chastain. Gal Gadot and Rebel Wilson, who appeared in Red Carpet, were also involved in her project.

The designer created advertisements for companies including Loreal, Tiffany & Co., Smartwater, Givenchy Perfume, and Guess, in addition to writing screenplays.

Who Is Elizabeth Stweart?

Thurston’s wife is a well-known, gorgeous, and energetic woman who has contributed to multiple publications, taken part in fashion displays, and served as a spokesperson for various glitzy companies.

The celebrity stylist and American comedian Baratunde Thurston got hitched on February 14, 2014; they now live in California.

The best-known American novelist, Baratunde, wrote the book “How to Be Black,” which contains principles that all black people can use. According to Wikipedia, he is also a comedian and commentator.

He also co-founded the black political site Jack and Jill Politics.

Elizabeth Stewart And Baratunde Thurston’s Age Difference

Baratunde and Elizabeth don’t differ in an age that much. He was born on September 11, 1977, while his wife was born the same year as her husband.

The famous pair are enjoying themselves and loving their union. In 2021, Baratunde acknowledged their romance in a status statement on his Facebook page.

They could not present the party to the COVID. Thus they were obliged to postpone their preparations.

Baratunde Thurston And Elizabeth Stewart’s Net Worth

Baratunde Thurston has a net worth of about $1.9 million, according to figures from 2022. About $400,000 is the well-known businessman’s annual salary. However, his work as a host and autobiographer brings in the greatest money for him.

Baratunde is ranked 146th on the list of the most well-known autobiographers. America Outdoors is hosted and executive produced by cultural activist Baratunde.

You can be reminded of the significance of our relationship with nature to our relationship with one another and ourselves by tuning into my @PBS program #AmericaOutdoorsPBS, which debuts on July 5.

This region will provide you with lots of painful muscles, history, healing, and community if you explore it as I did.

The show’s themes include people and the outdoors. It also centers around customs and how they are maintained, exploited, and modified.

Through his snoopy and carefree demeanor, he investigates numerous locales, speaks with residents about the places, and combines their experiences into his series.

Baratunde is ranked 146th on the list of the most well-known autobiographers. Elizabeth’s estimated net worth is also $1.2 million. She earns all of her money from her acting and writing activities.

Baratunde Thurston Family History

Baratunde is of African heritage, a United States citizen, and a Washington, DC resident.

Thurston’s father was killed while he was a young boy, and his mother used to work as the comptroller of the currency office.

Later, he and his mother moved to a black suburban Maryland neighborhood with his older sister.

Thurston completed his Harvard University education only after they moved to Maryland. Baratunde particularly appreciates leading a more private existence.

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