Babu Owino Wins the 2022 Embakasi East Republic Election: Find His Real Name, Parents, Wikipedia, Biography And Educational Qualification

Babu Owino, a 33-year-old politician from Kenya, won the Embakasi Republic election in 2022 by defeating Francis Mureithi. In the National Assembly, he represents the Embakasi East Constituency.

  • Babu Owino is a politician and National Assembly delegate from Kenya.
  • Babu prevailed in the 2022 election for the embakasi east republic.
  • His name was connected to narcotics deals.

After completing his academic coursework, Owino developed an interest in local politics. However, he lost to Timothy Wayonyi in 2013 for the Westlands seat, and a court decision overturned his victory in Embakasi East.

The politician had been away for five years and was making a comeback at the moment. After the vote for Nairobi’s governor, he will prepare for the presidential election. The media, meanwhile, respects and considers his words to be authoritative.

Babu Owino Wins the 2022 Embakasi East Republic Election: Find His Real Name, Parents, Wikipedia, Biography And Educational Qualification
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Babu Owino Wins the 2022 Embakasi East Republic Election

Babu Owino won the Embakasi East republic election in 2022 with a significant margin, and he now serves in parliament once more. The election results were made public yesterday so that we can view them online (August 9 2022).

Babu Owino and Francis Mureithi, who has long been his rival, have agreed to put their issues behind them before the election on August 9.

The margin of victory over Francis Mureithi in this election was 40,707 votes. On the other hand, Babu handily won the election with a total of 60,856 votes.

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After trouncing his rivals in recent polls, the Honourable Babu Owino, a candidate for the Embakasi East Constituency in the House of Representatives, is pleased.

Babu Owino Wikipedia And Real Name: His Biography

Babu Owino has a Wikipedia page. His real name is Paul Ongili Owino. The Kenyan politician served as both the previous head of Embakasi East and a former member of parliament.

Paul Ongili, a politician from Kenya who presently resides in Nyalenda, presided over the group in the past. Student elections helped him gain notoriety in politics.

Babu was chosen as the council’s chairman after showcasing his strength and strategy to the populace. He held onto his position for four straight years.

Who Are Babu Owino Parents?

Babu Owino was born in Kenya on October 10, 1989, to an Indian mother and a beer trader father. Unfortunately, Babu did not get to spend much time with his father because he died when Babu was still a little child.

Their chosen profession was challenging, and the compensation barely covered eating expenses.

He and his lovely wife Fridah Muthoni became parents with the birth of their two children.

Nairobi is home to the politician, his wife, and their children. He tries to keep them out of his political life to shield them from negative media attention. He has described his wife as intelligent, appealing, and pleasant.

Details On Babu Owino Educational Qualification

Babu Owino attended Kisumu Township Primary School (1995–2002). He scored roughly 349 out of 500 on the test, passing. Despite this, he desired to attend Mang’u High School, the most outstanding university.

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Babu then received a scholarship to study at the Kisumu Boys School. However, he couldn’t enrol at Moi University because of his insufficient financial resources. So he turned down the offer from Egerton University.

Owino eventually received a diploma from the Millennium Academy. The University of Nairobi awarded him degrees in law and actuarial science after swiftly enrolling there.

The politician is a farmer in addition to owning a supply business, a real estate business, and a construction business.

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