Auston Matthews Spent His Childhood In Scottsdale: Find His Partner And Family Details

  • January 30, 2023
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The parents of Auston Matthews are Brian and Ema Matthews. Auston was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his two sisters. Auston was born in San Ramon, California, but

The parents of Auston Matthews are Brian and Ema Matthews. Auston was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his two sisters.

Auston was born in San Ramon, California, but his parents, Ema and Brian, moved to Scottsdale when he was only two months old.

In the 2016 NHL Entry Draft, the Toronto Maple Leafs selected him as the first overall pick. The 25-year-old currently serves as the Leafs’ NHL backup captain.

Since his entrance onto the field against the Bruins on January 15 after missing two weeks due to injury, the Maple Leafs had won three straight games. Auston scored two goals in seven attempts during the team’s 4-1 victory over the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday.

Auston Matthews
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Auston Matthews Spent His Childhood In Scottsdale

Mexican native Ema is Matthew’s mother. After they married, Brian and Ema relocated to San Ramon, California, where they lived for a while before moving to Scottsdale in eastern Arizona.

When Auston was a young boy, he had little interest in athletics or in the idea of being a professional athlete. But as he grew older, his enthusiasm for ice hockey increased. When he was five years old, the left-handed youngster participated in the Arizona Bobcats academy.

Matthews’ development as a player has been greatly aided by his father and uncle Wes Matthews. They gave him the game’s principles, which helped him grow into the accomplished player he is now.

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The football coach at Muskogee Central High School in Oklahoma was Auston’s great-grandfather. His uncle Wes played wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins for four games after receiving a deferment from the Vietnam War to join the club.

According to Brian, baseball was Auston’s preferred sport when he first started playing other sports. But he chose to play hockey instead because of its slower pace and lack of aggression. Ema and Brian had no idea what he was playing when he initially started.

Parents Of Auston Matthews

Ema and Brian initially encountered one other in Los Angeles. Auston’s mother worked for the airline at the time as an air hostess.

They quickly bonded despite their limited proficiency in each other’s languages. Ema had just recently arrived in the country. As a result, she felt more at ease speaking to the other person in Spanish than in English.

However, it never caused a problem for the two of them as their relationship grew and they relocated to San Ramon near San Francisco, California, to have a family. The family of four moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, after their second child was born. There, they later had a third child.

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At the young age of 19, Ema left her comfort zone to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Although it was too pricey for the typical Mexican, she desired to be a pilot. She boarded a plane and traveled to the US, leaving her family and home behind, in order to follow her dream of becoming a stewardess.

Because she also worked as a barista and server at Starbucks, her child could play all year while she went to bases and got specialized training all over the continent.

According to Athletics, Ema grew up in a huge family in Hermosillo, in northwest Mexico, with seven siblings, five sisters, and two brothers. While her father, Rafael kept animals for a job, her mother Alicia worked at a neighboring grocery store.

Auston Matthews Siblings

With his two siblings, Alexandria and Breyana, Auston, an NHL player, used to play sports. He is the middle child.

Alexandria was born three years before him in San Francisco. Her younger sister Breyana was born in 2002, five years following Auston.

The two were frequently spotted chatting with Brian and Ema in the stands at Auston games. As the cameraman draws attention to it while giving the audience glimpses of their presence.

  • Alexandria Matthews

The elder sister of Auston, Alexandria, played golf frequently and briefly in the LGPA. She soon stopped playing golf and started a Youtube channel instead.

On YouTube, she has 4.52K subscribers. She started producing lifestyle and cosmetics-related videos to upload to her YouTube channel. Even yet, it has been more than a year since she last posted a video.

In April 2021, Alexandria posted the first of a series of videos about her trip to Puerto Rico. This was the last video she ever made. Sadly, her followers could not see her visit her second Caribbean island.

She also frequently uploads photos to Instagram, where she is very active. Her blog has 6.8K followers.

  • Breyana Mattews

Breyana is a rising golf talent for the ASU Sun Devils. She is a student of kinesiology at Arizona State University.

Breyana started to pursue her career seriously after graduating from Xavier Prep High and went on to become one of the most promising young golfers at ASU.

The 20-year-old had previously competed in events hosted by the USGA, AJGA, and JGAA, which had given her a plethora of knowledge about national and international contests before joining Arizona.

Auston Matthews’ Girlfriend Emily Rutledge

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The girlfriend of Auston, Emily Rutledge, is a research assistant at Pepperdine University. Emily is from Santa Monica, California.

The NHL player is pursuing her master’s in clinical psychology at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education.

Before that, Emily got her first degree at Arizona State University, where she studied Human Development and Family Studies as her major. Additionally, she worked with Infosys for six months as a business analyst.

According to her LinkedIn statistics, Emily has worked at three companies since changing her concentration to become a research assistant.

Since May 2021, when she joined the Pepperdine University research team, she has taken part in a number of business research and leadership programs. On the other hand, her Instagram is private.

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