Ashley Lockhart

Ashley Lockhart, a 25-year-old medical professional, was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend and has a GoFundMe page set up in her honor.

She was sadly another innocent victim of violence, her former lover now her killer.

She tried to shout out for assistance several times when she observed the man coming out of his car, as she was aware that her life was in danger.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save her life; it was simply too late.

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Ashley Lockhart: Is She On GoFundMe?

Lakeshia Lockhart started a GoFundMe page for Ashley Lockhart because her relatives are holding lemonade sales to raise money in Ashley’s honor.

Her friends spoke highly of her as a kind person with a contagious laugh. She was one of those people that smiled to make someone else happy because she genuinely cared about them.

Ashley Lockhart

Her close friends described her as a loving parent who worked hard and had spent her youth to raising the kids. Her sacrifices are too many to count, and she will live on in history.

The money will be used to support the daughters’ upbringing after their mother passed away. The processing will be used to pay for their future tuition and other necessities.

In fact, the clan needs some time to gather itself before moving forward with her projects and attempting to carry on her legacy.

The page is close to reaching its $30,000 target since 760 people have banded together to put $28,000 in their pockets.

Did Ashley Lockhart Get Stabbed To Death By Her Boyfriend In West Philadelphia?

According to reports, Ashley Lockhart passed away on August 6, 2022, in West Philadelphia from several stab wounds from her boyfriend.

He was fortunately removed from the streets when the authorities accused him of heinous murder.

Authorities discovered after an inquiry that she was stabbed outside a grocery store.

Ashley Lockhart

The tragic incident became too harsh for live television, and the passerby remembered seeing it on the CCTV film. Witnesses struggled to accurately describe the incident to the new networks as they struggled to contain their shock.

Since men described him as mad and without motivation, the cause of his atrocities is still a subject of conjecture.

Others surmise that it was a robbery gone bad because of how brutally he stabbed her while failing to even check to see if she was breathing.

She made many attempts to ask for assistance, but she was unable to do so because she was encircled on all sides.

Ashley Lockhart Children Names

Six girls, aged between ten and three months, were born to Ashley Lockhart. The love of her life, she never revealed the identity of her child.

They were her top priority prior, therefore she discussed them whenever she had the chance.

The children were raised at her grandparents’ home after her unexpected death because she had developed a close-knit family.

They have indeed made an effort to memorialize her legacy by erecting a lemonade stand in her honor on Havenwood Drive in Youngstown.

In addition to selling drinks and snacks, the establishment invited Sojourner House to advise customers on how to seek assistance in cases of domestic violence.

They offered to submit the documents to a domestic violence shelter in her name on her birthday while also setting up collection booths.

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