Arvin Shreeve was the polygamous cult leader of Zion Society and an assailant who molested children.

Arvin was a retired gardener who established a cult headquarters in Odgen with his wife and other leaders.

Shreeve died, but his penalty for being a monster who ruined the lives of hundreds of children and their families was less severe.

One of his victims said that the Zion Society brainwashed children into believing that the world would end soon and that they were preparing them for it.

After joining the cult, the Zion Society would separate the parents from their children and begin grooming them.

In 2022, Netflix released a documentary about the prominent polygamist cult leaders, emphasising one of the infamous cult leaders, Warren Jeff.

Arvin Shreeve Bio, Wikipedia, Victim Amber Dawn, Death: Polygamous Sect Leader
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Who Was Arvin Shreeve? Wikipedia Details

Arvin Shreeve was the leader of the Zion Society, a polygamist religious movement. The polygamous sect’s head was a convicted criminal from Odgen.

Arvin was convicted of child abuse in 1991, and his cult had over 70 followers at its peak, with half of them being children of the Zion Society’s sisters.

Shreeve would entice innocent families by promising to bring them closer to God. Then, of course, Shreeve would kick out the parents and only keep their children with him, being the predator he was.

Arvin Shreeve Bio, Wikipedia, Victim Amber Dawn, Death: Polygamous Sect Leader
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When the authorities searched his headquarters in 1991, they discovered guns, survival gear, underground rooms, and bomb shelters. Everything that should be kept away from small children was displayed at his Odgen offices.

Arvin’s young children were told to put on make-up and wear lovely outfits. Arvin claimed that having a sexual relationship with children was OK because he was young in paradise and the children were old.

Arvin had assaulted at least ten children and founded the cult roughly ten years before the raid before he could be prosecuted.

Arvin pleaded guilty to two counts of juvenile sodomy and two counts of a sexual offence against a minor. And, despite his heinous deeds, he was only sentenced to 20 years.

Arvin Shreeve’s Victim Amber Dawn Lee Gives Details

Amber Dawn Lee was one of ten victims of the Zion Society’s leader, Arvin Shreeve. Amber came on Dr Phil in 2020 and revealed details of the horrors behind closed doors.

According to Amber on the show, Arvin and other adults in their Zion Society would persuade her that having a sexual relationship with the cult leader was a privilege.

It’s likely that finding that Arvin’s wife backed her husband’s sexual advances toward children will make your blood boil. Amber stated that she would have date evenings with Arvin, and his wife would answer the door and bring refreshments, preparing her for the date.

Amber said the adults would threaten the youngsters with hellfire if they ever talked about what transpired sexually between them.

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Shreeve would separate the ladies into Sister Councils, and the children would be forced to create lingerie and sell it to neighbourhood strippers. But first, the little ones would have to model for them.

Lee recalls that she wanted to stand out to Arvin first and would agree to anything he suggested. She recalls 15-year-olds teaching girls as nine how to sexually gratify a man or woman.

Arvin used the number one method of abusers to isolate their victims and make them easier to pray on.

He first took Amber from her parents and then groomed her for years and years until his arrest in 1991.

Arvin Shreeve Death

Arvin Shreeve died in 2009 at 79 at the Utah State Prison from an illness. In November 1991, Arvin was convicted following Ron Van Drimmelen’s report that Shreeve had sexually abused his 7-year-old son.

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Sharon Kapp, Jennifer Shreeve, Amy Partridge, and Mark W. Lichfield were also convicted and charged with two counts of sexual abuse alongside Arvin Shreeve.

And you’ll be surprised to learn that, despite committing such a horrific murder, Arvin was scheduled to be released on parole in 2012.

Questions Related To Arvin Shreeve

When did Arvin Shreeve form his cult?

Arvin Shreeve formed his Zion Society cult in 1981.

Was Arvin Shreeve’s wife involved in the cult?

Arvin would hire strippers to train his wives for the sect’s fashion shows.

Does Arvin have any other living family members?

Arvin Shreeve’s granddaughter Natalie Shreeve appeared on Dr Phil’s show in 2020.

How many cults are there in America?

According to New York Times, there are about 2500-3000 cults in the US.

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