Arumugam Pechimuthu Death Cause: Was It An Accident?

Arumugam Pechimuthu started American Tamil Radio. He died on Thursday, July 22, 2022.

American Tamil Radio is a significant network that connects Tamils around the world. Its headquarters are in New York.

Sadly, Pechimuthu passed away today. His departure has stunned the Indian radio industry.

Arumugam Pechimuthu Death Cause: Was It An Accident?

Arumugam Pechimuthu passed away, according to Tamil America TV’s report from last night. There are rumors that the well-known radio DJ may have died in an accident, even though his station doesn’t provide any official information.


Given that Pechimuthu never mentioned any serious illnesses or disorders, his death was most likely due to natural causes. However, we don’t want to make judgments because this topic is still being explored.

Arumugam Pechimuthu Obituary

Tamil America TV expressed its sincere condolences on Twitter to the family of Mr. Arumugam Pechimuthu, who founded American Tamil Radio following his tragic death. May the deceased’s soul rest in peace.

Following Pechimuthu’s untimely passing, many of his followers have been sending supportive messages to his family. The Network of Indians in America also sent a heartfelt letter to the Pechimuthu family. Some of his friends also posted comments on his obituary post.

Arumugam Pechimuthu Wikipedia Bio

The well-known radio personality and businessman Arumugam Pechimuthu does not have a Wikipedia entry.

Pechimuthu was a member of the Federation of Tamil Sangams North America or the FETNA Convention.

Before launching his radio channel right away, he first worked as a DJ and anchor in his early career. This international organization values Pechimuthu’s efforts to the Rise North America Summit team for Tamil businesses, professionals, and hobbyists.

Arumugam Pechimuthu Ethnicity And Family

In Tamilnadu, India, Pechimuthu was born into a highly cultural family. Therefore, he decided to broadcast “American Tamil Radio” for Americans also to appreciate the ethnic language since he wanted to delight his people.

According to The Times Of India, Pechimuthu was particularly interested in making an effort to help the Irular kids. As a result, he chose to broadcast the kids’ stories on their channel.

Pechimuthu is highly well-liked, although Wikipedia does not list him. More information about Pechimuthu, however, may be found on the Tamil America TV official website.

The family of Arumugam Pechimuthu has received condolence condolences from online users.

Pechimuthu traveled to both Tamil Nadu and the United States. According to some stories, he resided in New Jersey with his wife and kids.

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