Armon Warren Baby Mother And Daughter Legacy Revealed

Armon Warren, a singer, is the father of Esmeralda’s child. Two years old is their daughter Legacy Dior Warren.

A social media influencer and performer, Armon Warren is well-known for posting covers of popular songs on his channels. On their Vine channel, he started off by performing alongside his brother Trey Taylor.

Later, he started a YouTube channel. One of his most popular videos is a version of Rihanna’s song “Kiss It Better,” which has had over 15 million views. Khalid’s song “Location,” which has received over nine million views, is next in line.

On Instagram, he has a sizable amount of followers. He has 2.2M followers on his @armon.warren page. Along with his brother, Warren also manages a YouTube account.


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Who Is Armon Warren’s Baby Mother?

Esmeralda Senia Mariee, a prominent figure on social media, is the mother of Armon Warren’s child.

Warren and Esmeralda co-owned the YouTube channel The Warren Familia and were romantically involved. Sadly, the couple split up in 2020 after beginning their relationship in September 2019.


They exchanged tweets about their split after they separated up. They split up not long after having a daughter together, however it is unclear why.

Being a mother is Esmeralda’s first priority. Armon noted in his Q&A video that he and she are working to establish a way to communicate so that they may co-parent their daughter.

Is Armon Warren Reginae Carter’s New Boyfriend 2022?

In September 2022, Armon Warren announced that he was dating Reginae Carter.

The couple is open about their relationship and accepts that it is public knowledge. They initially connected when a mutual acquaintance paired them up on a blind date.


On August 5, a video of Warren complimenting Reginae went viral, starting a relationship rumor between the two. Many fans gushed that they were thrilled to see them together and thought the couple looked adorable.

They confirmed they were dating after a few months. Warren recently questioned DJ Akademiks’ relationship and called him out for calling his girlfriend Reginae the B-word in October 2022.

Meet Armon Warren’s Daughter Legacy

The daughter of YouTuber Armon Warren and his ex-girlfriend is called Legacy.

On April 5, Legacy, who is two, will celebrate her birthday. She is the only child of her father and mother, and following their divorce, they share parenting responsibilities.

In his Q&A video, Armon said that he and his ex-girlfriend Esmeralda are finding common ground and prioritizing communication in order to raise their kid.

Pictures of Armon and Esmeralda’s daughter are posted on each of their social media accounts. Warren has frequently stated that Legacy owns his heart in both his social media posts and YouTube broadcasts.

Apart from her photos, Warren doesn’t disclose much about Legacy to the general world.

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