Arlyn Broche is quickly becoming the next Latina to rule Hollywood. Her fans in Latin America now call her “La Broche.” The Miami-born American actress is of Cuban descent.

At Areu Bros, Broche serves as vice president of content. Her parents settled in Miami after coming to the US from Cuba. The actress’s father is the source of her devotion.

In Cuba, her father was a well-known artist. Broche began performing when he was eight years old. Arlyn is now a Hollywood superstar because she played “Dany Gracia” on the NBC show “Young Rock.”

She is progressively making a name for herself on the big screen by taking on further film projects. Arlyn Broche has excellent projects lined up for 2022 and a promising future.

Arlyn Broche Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Partner, And Family Details
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Arlyn Broche Bio, Wikipedia

Arlyn Broche, a Latina actress, is of Cuban descent. Her parents arrived in the country from Cuba and made Miami their home. As a result, Hollywood is paying increasingly more attention to the Cuban artist.

Arlyn, a native of Miami, was born an actor. Irwin, her father, was a prominent actor in Cuban theater, film, and television. She once claimed that her father was like a Cuban Brad Pitt in an interview with Jason Greene.

She adopted her father’s behavior. From an early age, she aspired to be a famous Hollywood actress.

Her most notable performance was as “Tonya” in Season 2 of the popular HBO series “Ballers,” where she co-starred with Dwayne Johnson and Andy Garcia. She also appeared alongside Terry Serpico and Jessica Lundy in the CBS television series “The Inspectors.”

She applied early to the FIU Theater program, and after an audition, she was accepted. She also took acting lessons from people like Crystina Wyler, Lori Wyman, Marc Macauley, Marjorie W. Morhaim, and Jeanett Hopkins, among others.

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She is now working on two film projects, including the independent feature “Fallaway” and the role of Mary in the upcoming horror movie “Mary.” In addition, she is bringing her talents to the big screen.

Broche played Dany Garcia, the lady who inspired Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, in six of the season 12 episodes of NBC’s “Young Rock,” which was one of the most anticipated seasons in television history.

As the new VP of Content at Areu Bros. Studios, the most prominent Latin company in the US, she represents Latinas everywhere in addition to her acting career.

Broche wants to become someone she can admire and find intriguing or enjoyable. She also thinks that her purpose for being in Hollywood is to amuse audiences and promote female strength and feminism.

She is pretty active on social media. She has a dedicated website called, which can be found on Instagram under the handle @arlynbroche.

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Arlyn Broche Age: How Old Is The Actress?

Irain Gonzalez and Neridalia Gonzalez gave birth to Arlyn Broche, who is now 37. She was involved in an automobile accident when she was thirteen, nearly claiming her life. She spent a month in the hospital.

Braddock Senior High School in Miami, Florida, where the Bulldogs play, is where Arlyn attended and received her diploma.

When she was only 18, she met her future husband, Osvaldo Broche. Ten months later, they got married. By the time she was 19 years old, she had already been married.

Arlyn Broche Partner, And Family Details

When Arlyn was eight, her father gave her her first acting book. He frequently advised her to read and hone her craft and voice. Her father advised her to pay attention to her feelings following a reading session.

After being chosen to play “Juliet” in Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet,” she began her acting career. The classic poem “Cultivo Una Rosa Blanca” by Jose Marti was picked for her to perform at a Spanish Heritage Festival.

The actress holds a Florida International University Fine Arts degree. Later, she switched to healthcare administration as her major. She then became the sole owner and administrator of a healthcare business.

Three of Broche’s children were not born naturally. Victoria, Justin, and Sophia are their names. She enjoys spending time at home with her spouse and kids.

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Arlyn was a young mother. When she was only 19 years old, she gave birth to her first kid. The Young Rock actress and her husband ran La Pera, a family business, and she learned how to bake professionally during that time.

She was acquainted with Dwayne Johnson before their time on Ballers or Young Rock. The actress recalls meeting him in Miami some 20 years ago and shortly after. She claimed that meeting him as a teenager was enjoyable because of his charisma.

She dreams of one day producing her show. Her life plan includes making the most of each moment and savoring the intervals in between. She has decided that having the time of her life is her top priority.

The actress from Cuba makes a range of money depending on the assignments she has taken on. However, her reported net worth of $300,000,000 solely depends on social reasons.

This is only a ballpark figure estimated to allow for speculation regarding her earnings and true net worth.

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