Are Sara And Leighton Related? Insights On The Leighton Confusion

Despite their striking resemblance, Sara Waisglass and Leighton Meester are not related. Sara’s adoring followers sometimes compare her to Leighton.

They’re both famous people who work in the show business. It’s important to remember that behind every successful person is a story of hardship.

Actress Sara is well-known in her native Canada for her part as Frankie in the kid-friendly TV show Overruled.

In 2021, she starred as Maxine on the Netflix comedy series Ginny and Georgia, which helped boost her profile.

In 2007, at the tender age of eight, she made her television debut in The Jane Show. She has been featured in several shows ever since her initial introduction.

American actress Leighton is best known for her portrayal of Blair Waldorf on The CW’s Gossip Girl. In 2022’s The Weekend Away, she had her most recent screen appearance.

In one of the episodes of Law and Order from 1999, she made her first appearance on screen as Alyssa Turner.

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How Are Sara And Leighton Related?

Famous people Sara Waisglass and Leighton Meester appear alike but are not related. Actors each, each of them.

Many of their admirers have drawn connections between them. But they’ve both denied any familial ties. People often get them mixed up since their faces are so similar.

They indeed have a substantial similarity with one another. However, distinguishing features may be pointed to highlight the distinctions. They’re separated in age by a fair chunk, to begin with.

Sara is 12 years younger than Leighton, whose birthday was April 9, 1986; Sara’s was July 3, 1998. While their weights are different, they are the same height of 1.65 meters.

It’s only their looks that many people care about. Meester appears older and has a smaller face than Waisglass, but they look very similar. Leighton gives the impression that she’s more of a homebody than Sara, even if the inverse is true.

The proportions of their eyes, faces, and bodies are all different, which creates a very distinct first impression. They have similar smiles, postures, and gaits.

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But a few diehards claim they’re the same. So you’re telling me that Leighton Meester, Sara Waisglass, and Gage Golightly aren’t all related?” was the caption on a tweet by a fan.

He shared a photo of them and commented on how much they resembled Gage. Several commenters chimed in to point out the similarities.

According to the thoughts of one of the spectators, “They should cast Leighton and Sara in a movie about a mother and a daughter.

That would be fantastic!” Others said, “To me, it defies logic that they are not linked. They’re virtually indistinguishable from each other.”

Not only did numerous people like and comment on their Instagram posts, but they also followed them. There were a lot of comments and mentions amongst fans on their page.

Sara Waisglass has been compared to Blair from Gossip Girl. It was Leighton, though, who portrayed the role.

They liken Sara Waisglass to Blair Waldorf from the TV show Gossip Girl. In appearance, she is identical to the show’s young Leighton.

Sara And Leighton Looks Alike

When interviewed by BuzzFeed, Sara mentioned that many people had told her that she looked like Leighton.

When asked, “Whether anybody could play you in a TV program, who would you pick?” she said, “I don’t know if anyone could portray myself.”

And her response was, “Oooooo. I’m going to go with Leighton, as everyone thinks we look identical, and I happen to be a great admirer of hers and think she’s stunning.”

She has exhibited the same deference to the actress and her portrayal. She went on to say that she has seen all the Gossip Girl sequels.

But Leighton has been strangely silent whenever the topic of Sara comes up. But she knows the comparison exists since many people judge them equally based on looks. Many people wanted them to be on the same program because of how similar they looked.

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