Are Love Island Australia Claudia and Austen Still Together?

The couple from Love Island Australia’s Austen Bugeja and Claudia are still together. Austen and Claudia are the most resilient couples in the most recent season of Love Island Australia.

Even Jason, Claudia’s ex, who wished to win her back, could not break their bond. The two are now even closer than they were during that difficult period thanks to their current bond, which has many people believing they might win the championship.

Are Love Island Australia Claudia and Austen Still Together?

Are Love Island Australia Claudia and Austen Still Together?

Austen and Claudia are still together from Love Island Australia. They appear to still be happy together based on the images Claudia has been posting during their time on the show on her Instagram.

While Austen shared photos of them to announce his entrance into the show, she wrote one of their shots, “Mum, he’s the one,” while he captioned one, “How I met your mum.”

Similarly, Sodramaticonline reported on November 22 that there were some hints about their continued relationship after the performance.

Until the end of the season, they won’t be able to be seen together online, but some fans have already caught them in an Instagram video.

The So Dramatic! army claimed to have spotted a man with the same tattoos as Austen on his arm in one of the videos that Claudia’s best friend put online.

She and another man have been tagged in the video by Claudia’s closest friend, but Austen has not.

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Austen was left off the list since he could not appear in public with Claudia then, leading them to believe that the couple may have been on a double date.

Fans think they might still be together as a result. They may not have met at the show’s beginning, but they hit it off immediately. They have been together for the past three recoupling ceremonies.

They were first matched up with several partners. While Claudia was with Jordan, Austen was with Layla. However, in the initial remarriage ceremony. Since Austen selected Claudia, they have been a couple.

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Austen Bujega And Claudia Bonifazio Journey In Love Island

In the first episode, Claudia and Jordan were paired together. Since there were more women than men when the contestants were paired off, Holly Oakes Ferguson was left without a partner. In an unexpected turn, she was given the ability to kidnap a man.

She chose Jordan; as a result, stating that she thought he was sincere and participating in the show for the right reasons. As a result, Claudia had no partner and was fired in the first episode. However, the following episode saw her return with Callum and Tak.

When they arrived at the villa, Austen and Layla started dating. When Austen expressed interest in Claudia, who had become single after returning to the estate, things between them began to change. In the first episode, she was fired, but she returned later.

The two kissed in the Red Flags challenge as Layla watched her partner walk away. In the first recoupling ceremony, they were paired up after that. While Lyala paired up with Callum, Austen said he had briefly developed a connection with her.

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Since they began dating, the couple has dealt with numerous disagreements and trust issues. Early on, Austen mispronounces her name and refers to her as Lyla, upsetting Claudia, according to Daily Mail.

Austen expressed his regret for having misspoken to her and offered an apology himself. Claudia was upset about it, but she and Austen quickly came to an understanding.

In reality, Austen acknowledged falling in love with Claudia in earlier episodes. Even when Jason, Claudia’s ex, appeared on the show at one point, their bond remained strong.

Jason had expressed a desire to reunite with Claudia, but in episode 19, he announced he was leaving the villa because he understood that their chapter had ended.

Claudia admitted to him that she was just interested in Austen. One of the stronger candidates this season, many believe the couple will ultimately prevail.

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