Despite their engagement, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are still dating. The TV program Street Outlaws features both Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi.

He’s well-known as a racing car driver, and his passion for the sport has led him to compete against top industry pros.

However, his partner has gotten all the attention, and the two of them are the undisputed leaders of the group. They raced against each other not so long ago on the hit Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws.

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Relationship Of Kye Kelley And Lizzy Musi

In the words of Kyle Kelley, After meeting at an exhibition race, Lizzy Musi has remained a couple. They share a passion for fast cars and exciting races.

He was introduced to Lizzy by her father, and the two quickly became friends despite Lizzy’s ignorance of him before their meeting.

She loved that he was easygoing and fun to be around, and the two quickly developed romantic feelings for one another.

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She shared a photo and a video on Instagram, writing that the day had caught her off guard since everything had occurred so quickly, and she was overwhelmed with emotion.

She also mentioned that she had always wanted to marry her closest friend, and that wish had come true. Furthermore, Kelley was upset with Musi for the race they had in the latest episode.

Nonetheless, they made sure the argument was done, dropped the topic, and ended up hugging it out.

Lizzy And Kye Are Engaged

Kye proposed to her in July of 2021, but they have not yet tied the knot. She had been racing in the first round at the Darlington Dragway when she wrecked, and he proposed to her on the same day.

Kye has been a part of the Street Outlaws ensemble since 2016, and before he started seeing her, he was married to another lady and had a very everyday life.

In 2015, he wed his now-former wife, Alisa Mote; the couple later split up. The street racer is a single parent, and his daughter from a previous relationship is named Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley.

She shares several photos of them on Instagram, and they also have a joint YouTube channel called Kye Kelley Racing, where she uploads videos about cars, and he uploads family vlogs.

They have a hectic schedule due to their concerts and businesses, but they always make time to be together and enjoy the outdoors whenever possible.

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